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My NGADM '13 first round submission. I was super thrilled to be included in the NGADM, and even more so to have been able to produce something I'm pleased with. I'd say something here about the process and the inspiration, etc, but it just kind of ... happened.

Best of luck to JacobCadmus, you should go check out his stuff right now. He's amazing. No, seriously go now.

Logic Pro 9 Omnisphere


NGADM Round 1 review.


What a beautiful, serene track. You have truly captured the notion of peace within this production of yours. The atmosphere is just astonishing. The piano blends into the soft pad with such grace; it is absolutely mystifying. Speaking of the piano, the notes seem to flow seamlessly from one point to the next throughout the song, great job! The mixing, quality, flow, and balance of the track are all splendid, though at times the piano seems to rely just a tad too much on reverb (I am guilty of the same thing sometimes, too).

It is quite obvious that this track is all about simplicity. However, the simplicity of this track represents itself as a double-edged sword. While you have done a phenomenal job at creating an atmosphere of such a grand scale, it also leaves the song with emptiness where it begs to be wholesome and full. There were a number of places where just a few notes could make a world of difference, 1:50 'till 2:02 being a prime example. Now, I understand that periods like this are meant to allow the listener to quickly reflect on what they just heard, but some subtle notes may help, you know?! :)

The conclusion was a little generic, but at the same time, I think it was a perfect fit for the type of song.

I really enjoyed listening to this track. Keep up the fantastic work! :D

Score: 9/10

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


Quite the beautiful piano piece! I think one of my favourite things about this piece is its sense of space. You almost consistently keep a pad in the background, giving this some lovely depth, but for the first 3/4 of a minute you shove it to the side in the low end, where it's only there to provide some bassy echoes, making the whole setup intimate and close. Then, at 0:45, you start playing higher notes with the pad and suddenly the sense of space grows tremendously. The track then feels huge and atmospheric. This was a beautiful touch, not to mention that your pad sound is just perfect and really gives this an edge over a track that's only piano. Your flow and progression are flawless, as is your intro, but your ending felt a bit premature.

Unfortunately, I think the composition of this, while good, is a bit bland. Your general structure and setup was what really gave this track its sense of beauty, whereas ironically, what's usually used to achieve beauty in tracks of this manner (the melodies), aren't quite as impressive. Even your chords are fairly straightforward. On a smaller note, I don't like the piano sound used. It feels somewhat tinny in the lower end.

Overall, impressive work! Shame the composition wasn't quite up to standard (although it was still quite good!), but practically everything else except the piano sound and the outro made up for it!

Score: 8.2/10

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skyood responds:

I was basically nodding my head the entire time I read this-- you're basically dead on. You obviously took your "job" very seriously, and I appreciate the detail you went into.

The simplicity is basically where I'm at right now, bare-bones music done (hopefully) well. My currently most common musical outlet is I play pads (on my church band, actually), so basic chords with a note or two emphasized on the top is what I spend most of my time doing-- being the bed of sameness for the song to be built on. So I've developed a bit of an affinity for doing just that. Hopefully/eventually I'll branch out more, but especially given my current available software, etc, I'm pretty happy with being able to do at least this much, and apparently doing it well enough to be included in the competition.

The abrupt ending is 100% due to my available time. I whipped this up in probably ... 14 hours total? Given more time I would have continued and tried to add in more variation ... but in the end I was happy with the result.

Although I don't know what the NGADM is, I liked this piece a lot!
I can see it being played at the beginning of a sad or deep movie.
Well done!

skyood responds:

NewGrounds Audio DeathMatch is a competition that has been held annually for a number of years on the audio portal. Write a song in two weeks in a single elimination tournament style. You should compete if they have it next year! Thanks for the compliments!

Competition aside, this is a beautiful piece.


Personally I would love a backing orchestra, but me being me, i think an orchestra is what everything needs. :P Na, in all seriousness I love it. Reminds me of "Truman Sleeps Track from the score" Keep it up!

skyood responds:

I stopped trying to pull off orchestral music because:

1) I don't really have the right sounds for it, and have been frustrated in the past by the way the this limitation hurts what I consider to be a pretty good idea (see: Life, Ostinato and to a lesser degree Everlong Circles II)

2) I don't like, and aren't very good at, all the little detail mixing that is required with a big orchestra, and/or to make say strings (always the strings!) sound good. Mixing is definitely my weakness when it comes to this whole computer-based music deal.

Note: 1 and 2 could very well be related. Maybe what I have is good enough, I just don't know how to make it sound good enough. /shrug Also, it may have something to do with the fact that I've been fairly regularly playing synth doing pad sorts of sounds with a band, so I've started thinking that direction more.

Point is, I basically switched to using synths instead of ie a cello (See: Electric Nocturne).

Thank you for the encouragement. Listened to Truman Sleeps just now, and yes, it is eerily similar. Maybe my brain somehow reached back for when I saw The Truman Show last (in theatres, so how long ago was that)? But hey, accidentally sounds like something someone got paid a lot of money to make? I'll take it!

Very beautiful, your choir samples are just gorgeous i love them..
The piano melody is great, very sad indeed...
Complains go to the lenght, i feel it is short for a NGDAM submission and also could have some variations.
Awesome work Skyood :)

skyood responds:

The choir samples (sort of - actually single soprano with a synth doubling it) are something I discovered in the process of making this track-- not at all what I envisioned when I set out.

I definitely agree that there could have been more variation and the track could have been longer ... but free time was a factor for this period (spent half of it at a youth camp), and halfway through I thought to myself, "what's wrong with simple?" and decided to not even mentally go down that road. So here it is, short and straightforward. And I'm kind of happy it turned out that way.

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