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Submission for NGDAM Round 1

**8/15/2013 Small Update on Audio Quality

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Hi! I was a replacement judge for NGADM round 1 and this is my review of your track!
I scored mixing and composition/arrangement separately so I'll explain here what score I gave you and why. 8/10 in my scoring scheme is "Great", 10/10 is exceptional. To get 10 the piece needed to go beyond expectations, to have a unique sonic quality and present an original aspect (or several) in terms of composition.
I gave you 8/10 in "production".
You mixed the track well, vocals are clear and full, the sound is bass-y and everything fits. Nothing to say really, you did a good job. :)
Composition/arrangement (where valid): 6
The first minute of the track seems to be where everyone in this genre experiments. The sad thing is that this experimentation always ends with the same result - 4/4 kick on every beat and sidechain synths. I like what you did with the intro but the rest feels like "more of the same" to me. I'm not being genre biased either, I've said the same to people in other reviews of other genres (including my main genre heavy metal. In fact I've been harsher with people in that genre).
When I listen to music I do enjoy cliches but I also look for something to spark my interest intellectually. Generic ideas don't do that for me. Admittedly your chorus breaks away from that nicely which is why I didn't hit you with a lower score than I did, so nice work on that.
I know it's "music you can dance to" but why not make it exciting too?

Over all that gives you 7/10. A good job, you can be proud of your work.

TEIONmusic responds:

Thank you for the review, I will take everything you said into consideration for the next production.
I think the production was a bit messy to be honest, everything sounded clustered to me, but overall, i guess it worked out.
The part where I experimented the most was combining glitch elements with dance. For this song in particular, I don't think I did a grand job of doing that, and it ended up sounding extremely cheesy and generalized (unoriginal). I think next time, glitch sounds good with dance only if I try out different tempos and rhythm, because 128bpm is like...the epitome of dance, and its too "edm" for me.
I don't like generic ideas as well, I guess I was just going for too much for this track, and what came out was dull.
But next time through, I'll be sure to change everything up, and re-think about new ideas.

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


Oh yes, professional-sounding work right here. You're a definite underdog with only 6 fans and such a great grasp on producing music, and like I said to another competitor, I hope this competition will help give you and the other underdogs some more recognition, because that's really one of the main things that this competition is about. You've got an absolutely excellent palette of sounds. I find it hard to believe you have 60 instruments to deal with, but there certainly is a lot of variety in sounds, and each sound has a good amount of character and fits perfectly. The drums are interesting - at times they sound a bit awkward but they're unique and work surprisingly well most of the time. By the way, the vocals are sung very professionally and sound great!

I have a few issues. I think you could've done a much better job with the vocals. The vocals themselves are excellent, but there really isn't much of them (they're often just the same audio file repeated), and at times they don't quite fit with the rest of the track, making them sound less like an integral part of the song and more like the vocals were taken out of an electro house vocal pack and added as an afterthought (not saying this is the case, even if it may be!). I was also a bit disappointed with the fact that this is a bit more generic than your audition, but it's still unique in quite a few ways so I won't deduct points for that. Finally, your mix is very good, but at times it's unclear unfortunately.

I have a few small gripes with this track, but it's a considerably well-made and enjoyable track in all!

Score: 8.6/10

TEIONmusic responds:

Thank you for your review.
I definitely do not have a big fan base at all; I guess I really haven't started reaching out to my fans yet.
I'm still not used to using vocals in the tracks, so that's why the vocal job sounds sloppy. They were done by my friend, so no I did not take them out from an electro house vocal pack. I did intend on keeping the song as an instrumental though, and adding vocals were kind of last second thought process.
I 100% agree with you on that it sounds generic. I didn't realize until the very end that the song sounded too mechanical for my taste, but I didn't have time to re-construct the song, so I had to let it be.

Emediately caught my attention cause the background during the intro sounds almost identical to one of my old music®ftp works :D (calamaistr's butterfly, its on ng), im very anti dupstep and dupstep influences so i cant say i enjoy the synth effect but overall this track sounds original and very professional. :)

Right off the bat, I would have used a little pitch correction. I notice the vocals are nearly a half-step off the main key. Not to say the singer doesn't have a good, strong voice. Great vibrato. Just would have adjusted it accordingly so everything blends melodically.
Stronger snare more towards the middle, so as to differentiate between the kick. Not sure about the toms that come in around 3:20, they seem to be out of place.

Only critique. Lyrics are great, work very well with the rhythm.

TEIONmusic responds:

Thank for the critique. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. I didn't want to mess around with the pitches too much, because I didn't want to ruin the jazzy feel to her voice. It kind of added a different variation to the song and it sounded a bit mysterious. The sound at 3:20 was a synth that I stacked with a percussion, and if I didn't have that it sounded a bit too empty. I didn't use that instrument in any other parts, so it did sound a bit foreign. I didn't have enough time to mix the song entirely, because I had more than 60 instruments at the end to deal with. I plan to re-mix the song even after the contest, so I will definitely use your critique to improve on the song.

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