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My NGADM '13: Round 1 Entry.

Now before you expect it, this isn't the usual from me. I usually go over the top bigger than life action and sound but for a while now I have been wanting to create something more intimate for a more realistic scene.

It's quite different to the sound I usually produce, so I might have made a mistake by trying out something I'm not familiar with for a contest. But I wanted to give it a shot nonetheless!

If you haven't checked out my opponents work, IglicaV I suggest you do! The guy only has 8 Fans which is so surprising as he certainly has some great talent. You can check out this track here:


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This is beautiful! I wish I could create this kind of music ^_^

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thank you very much!

Ive listened to some of your music before. Youve made some awesome progress over the time you have been submitting. I think this sort of piece isn't entirely out of your grasp, especially with a bit of patience and just trying thing to see what works for you. Also just keep listening to musc which inspires you. :)

Wow, this is incredible, such a subtle build of emotions and temperament. i love how you add and subtrack instruments to prolong their effect.

as a video game soundtrack i can deffinately here this when the hero is caught at a crossroads of what is right and what he wants.

as a movie soundtrack i can hear this being played at a loss of family member or loved one and them thinking back on the love they had.

it is the mark of a true composer to bring out such vivid feelings from simply using audio. you sir a re a genius.

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.

Indeed, this is not your usual! Very beautiful beginning. Sounds like something out of Heavy Rain. This is definitely a soundscape – you would be a great film composer. While that “soundscape” element definitely works here, it leaves the piece lacking somewhat. It’s very ambient all around and has some beautiful movement, but it is in no specific direction. I think a strong melody would have really made this piece shine. As it stands there isn’t really any kind of discernible melody, just beautiful chords strung together and voiced well, making good use of suspensions. While this isn’t really uncommon for good cinematic/movie music, it leaves a bit to be desired when taken on its own. I would have loved to have heard more of a climax as well. Maybe not a “IMMA MELT YOUR FACE OFF” kind of climax, but maybe a small “triumphant” moment with some choir and brass, you know. Fantastic production quality, as always. A joy to listen to!

Score: 8/10

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are hands down one of my favourite composers on the website. I always love listening to your stuff, not only for the listening value, but also because it gives me the inspiration to continue my own works.

Now, as you said, this one isn't along the same style you usually do, but nevertheless it is of a supremely high quality and I would say it is a very successful venture into new territory. Production value, instrumentation, and orchestration are all beyond awesome. I particularly love the sound of those strings, and I would be curious to know what kind of sounds you layered to get them. I could definitely use that kind of string legato :P The piano and glock sections are also incredible, and they give the atmosphere that much more feeling and emotion.

However, the one problem that I did notice is that the piece lacked a true sense of development, in the sense of a fully discernible climax, one that is powerful and striking. While I understand that such a kind of development isn't all that important in a piece such as this, I still think it would have provided the song with that final touch to truly make it perfect, or as close as you can get. Although the filmscore feel is pulled off flawlessly, such a climax would have served as a sort of punctuation to the track, giving it more of a punch, so to speak, and getting through to a listener more.

That being said, from introduction to finish, I was pretty much captivated throughout. It is a very easy-to-listen-to piece, and one I would have no problem listening to again and again. As a track, it is elegantly worked and performed, a truly fantastic orchestral piece. Brilliant work overall, keep it up. I look forward to hearing more of your future works!

Score: 9.5/10

As if you can feel yourself sitting in a train that moves away from everything that you held dear, thats the emotion that this piece brings.

Very soft key hits and enjoyable radiance, and im not even that fond of cinematics to begin with, i prefer more coherent strict melodic structures. So this praise comes through a barrier ;)

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Aug 2, 2013
8:39 PM EDT
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