Sustain This Night

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My Submission for the NGADM'13.

A Dance under the stars, and the sustain of a very long night.

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- NGADM Round 1 Review -

Your production quality is not bad, and your instrument choice is a nice one. The overall mood of the song is well-defined, for the most part, and your instrumentation is done nicely. The major aspect of the song that detracts from the mood, however, is its dragging out of the melody. There are some really strong parts, for example at 2:53, 3:05, and at 3:15, made so by the dynamic change and very solid melody you introduce. However, most of the song is not as coherent with its melodies and is rather weak, while your instruments and rhythm suggest otherwise. Sometime after 3:20 the song begins to drag again in its repetitiveness. If the pacing were not so weak, this track could be much more solid.

Score: 7

Decent piece. My main issue is one I have with many many pieces- the background instruments feel like pads, not people. This isn't an issue with the way you humanize it or mock it up or anything, but an issue with the way you write for them. It's not an issue in pop genres, but is one for music with an orchestra in mind. I feel as if you originally wrote music in a pop or electronic style and recently decided to start writing orchestral/cinematic.

Your strings section sustain patch has too long of an attack- listen to some real strings on youtube and try to bump the start of each note a little ahead of the measure so it's seamless- so it starts at the start of the measure, not a little in.

I also agree with Step- percussion are not very well used. Snare drum, clash cymbals, gong, are all crucial members of the percussion section that are key to having a strong intense section. Percussion can also help with transitions, another area you should work on, as Step said. Bring in elements and changes more slowly, and stagger them. Avoid sudden transitions until you have other forms of transition down first. :)

The last half of the song sounds like some ethnic Far East thing... like you should get a Guzheng and have the melody played on Erdu with some gong crashes in the background. XD

Overall a decent piece! Keep working! Keep compos(ed/ing)!

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


That was quite a listen! You've got a pretty straightforward but well-developed atmosphere from the start, that slowly but surely evolves into something much more jumpy and exciting. You have a good grasp on composition and instrumentation, making this lovely to listen to. What's more, your sounds are high-quality and you mix them well too (some of the string passages could do with sounding a bit warmer but that's a minor complaint). And to my delight, you make excellent use of dynamics. The track never really turns into something "epic" or fortissimo, so to speak, but you balance your dynamics just right, and consequently your track isn't just enjoyable to listen to, but can even tell a story. Definitely the right way to go with a piece in this genre.

Regrettably, what I'm really not a big fan of is the pacing. This is a long track, clocking at 5 minutes, and I felt like a lot of sections overstayed their welcome, especially when the bowed instrument (violin, I think) comes in, playing melodies that don't have that much variety. In fact, most of the melodies could do with being a bit more varied. This caused the track to occasionally and unfortunately fall into the trap of being boring, especially when you couple the slow pacing with the fact that you're using a pretty overused chord progression. Some transitions, mainly 0:32 and 4:44, were too abrupt (although I love how you ended the track). Lastly, the percussion was alright, but I was hoping for something less boomy and more exciting/fitting for the more upbeat moments.

You've got a great track here which I really enjoyed, despite it getting a bit boring at times and having some smaller issues here and there.

Score: 7.9/10

Veneox responds:

I greatly appreciate the honesty, and even I myself find the pacing all over the place. My only problem was the violin and piano (live and in some improv) left me not having a correct ending.

THIS. IS. BEAUTIFUL! I hear a lot of orchestrated music on this site and none I've heard pull emotional strings like the music I hear from you.

The build up is immense while the orchestration itself sounds alive and around me.
You said you did all the piano live but those have got to be real violins. You better make it through because I WILL NOT WAIT ANOTHER HALF A YEAR FOR A SONG FROM YOU!

If you do start making music every 2 weeks the competition I will be amazed. GOOD LUCK! Happy to see you are back in action.

Veneox responds:

Yes, the lead Violin is myself. I also threw it in with the background strings to add a bit of off-flavor to make it sound live.

Depending or not if I make it through the competition will I continue to compose at this speed. The good news is that I have 2 songs scrapped long ago (From "The Human") soundtrack I was creating. Expect big things if the judges decide if they want more from me. ;}

BRAVO! BRAVO! this is something else. The start was calming and mysterious then later it hits you with crazy build up.

It's cool to listen to some orchestrated music with a classical feel that takes you on a journey. even when this music got epic at the end it still felt like I was running at full speed. 5/5. good luck on the competition.

also does this mean you are going to be making music at a faster pace again?

Veneox responds:

Thanks ;} And Perhaps.

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Aug 2, 2013
7:44 PM EDT
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