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Prog rock lol. Submission for NGADM first round! gl camoshark

This is just about dreams and shit

They coo


Presonus Firestudio Digital Mixer
Studio One Artist DAW
Agile 7 String Interceptor Pro w/ Floyd Rose
No brand 7-string carvin-style custom guitar
Dunlop Tortex Jazz picks
9-volt battery(used for the slide guitar. I lost my real slide sadface)
Roland XP-30 Keyboard
Addictive Drums
Shitty $30 computer speakers to mix with

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I don't know what it is but I think it has a Sonic feel to it. Which is amazing.

- NGADM Round 1 Review -

Where to start? Production quality is very nice for something on shitty $30 computer speakers, so no worries there. And hm....This entire piece is a jumbo mix of emotions and directions, some coherent, and some not so. There are some good parts that are put together *very* nicely, but then it changes direction all over again.

I suppose this is also one of those pieces that fit well with its name – Dreamyard. I'm imagining sifting through an attic full of unwanted memories mixed with some strange ones, and there are the nostalgic ones; but instead of in my attic, I'm walking through my backyard, which is filled with overgrown grass and foggy air. There are numerous distractions hanging about in front of my eyes, and then something else catches my eye – and then the song changes.

It's the transitions. Some are done well and smoothly, but at several places it feels like a hand jerking you around, forcing you to look the other way, and at something else entirely. This works at times, but more often than not the sudden changes in direction make this song less and less put-together.

Overall, you've got a solid piece. I've not heard a song quite like this, so props to the original nature of your song. Very dream-like, for sure.

Score: 8.5

holy teats! this is f*cking EPIC! I'm a huge fan of progressive rock, and you really nailed it! I'm still kinda new to NG, and this is my first time hearing of you. holy f*ck I am blown away! the chord progressions and structure are pleasantly unpredictable. the mixing, and even instrument tones are great (pretty much the way I like my own rock tones to sound like). also, you're a phenomenal guitar player! so technically gifted, yet with a fresh approach. you're gonna be huge someday, if you're not already! it's not a surprise that you won the ADM last year. best of luck to you in the future rounds!

Kor-Rune responds:

Thanks man! I'm not a fan of cutting my mids but sometimes I feel like I should. :<

Thanks for the good wishes and nice review!

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


The winner of last year's NGADM is clearly geared up with intentions to win this year's NGADM too. This is ridiculously well-made. There's such a huge variety in atmospheres, moods and harmonies; one can tell you put a hell of a lot of work into this. The things you usually excel in - harmonies and guitar-playing - are beautifully-made here as well. I love how unlike in a lot of metal tracks, your guitar solos are actually really sensibly made and with brilliant composition; some metal tracks just put in a solo for the sake of showing off the guitarist's technical prowess, without really offering anything compositionally interesting, while yours do both. And let's not forget about your fantastic mixing. I think your mixing is a tad bit lacking compared to other tracks of yours since sometimes the mix gets overly cluttered, but that's not to say that your mixing isn't still amazing.

Now to mention some issues. Firstly, this sounds a lot like your other works (mainly those in the first three rounds of the last NGADM). While this is certainly not something to reduce marks for (everyone has his/her own style after all), a personal suggestion from me is to veer into newer styles, like those of Don't We All? and Fly me to Blue (due to both it being a fun way to keep your music sounding new, and me wanting to hear what you can do in different styles). Anyway, that aside, I hate to say it but I'm still feeling somewhat of a directionless vibe from this track. Like I mentioned in the past, it's really hard to nail the balance between sounding interesting throughout and creating a song that sounds unified (your track Venus comes closest to nailing it), and it's something you should work on since in this track, at times it feels as though you could've put a bit more thought into the structure.

Honestly, you're arguably one of the best musicians on the Audio Portal by far. This is incredible. I'm going to be harsher with you on scores (hence the 8.7) since you won last year's NGADM but rest assured that this is one hell of an amazing track.

Score: 8.7/10

Kor-Rune responds:

Thank you Step for your awesome reviews, everytime! I appreciate the help. I'll try something new this next round! It'll have more direction too. <:

Always love the feedback step! i'm gonna score your review at 10/10

So chaotic yet not disjoint. Doesn't quite make sense yet kind of works. How on earth could you manage that? Like, all the time?

Seriously, the winner of this matchup is definitely everyone else. We should start a petition to make Kor-Rune vs camoshark a best of infinity.

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4.85 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2013
6:49 PM EDT
General Rock
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