Mechanical Anima

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NGADM round 1

The reality behind material subtance is not atoms, molecules or ultimate particles
but is spirit to be exact, ahrimanic spirit, in rhythmic
inter-relations. - Rudolf Steiner

a duet between a clarinet and an oboe
(Edirol orchestra) old as hell but still as good as ever!
(Remington type writer from Echo collective)
(and some of my recorded samples)
i believe machines/automatons possess/can develop a soul within itself

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This, Honestly is one of your best in my Opinion, But for some reason this song is creepy for me

0:00 – 0:22
The little boy creeps down the creaky stairs, back against the wall, trying to get past the doorway without a sound. In the room of that doorway is his father, on the typewriter frantically hitting the buttons... he has been deprived of sleep and doesn't notice his son slip past.
0:22 – 0:33
The boy wanders down the streets, dark, cold, not frightened however... curious. He had not been outside of the house at night, his father was too protective ever since his mother died. The boy explores the coal-smudged streets of an industrialized metropolis, no one was outside at this time of the night. He comes across a toy factory, the only place with lights still on and sounds being made. The door swings open, almost as if he was wanted there. Oblivious, he steps inside.
0:33 – 0:43
The father stood up from the desk, cracked his back in place and stumbled upstairs, tired, he checks on the room of son. He isn't there...
0:43 – 1:26
The boy is in awe, he has the whole factory to himself, all the clanks, bangs and creaks. Not another person in sight. He picks toys off the convey belts and plays with them, as he is raised in a quite poor household, this experience is new to him. It’s almost a utopia...
1:26 – 2:09
The father panics, he searches the house, calls his sons name over and over. He rings for help, the line is dead, panic sears through him even more, even worse. He leaves the house in a rush, too late at night to see where he’s going.
2:09 – 2:51
The boy gets lost in amongst the factory, he wanders further into nowhere, it isn’t so bad he thinks to himself.
2:51 – 3:12
The factory suddenly springs into life, he had been there all night, the sun was starting to rise, peoples voices could be heard, he can’t be heard…
3:12 – 3:34
The father checks everywhere, then hears commotion at the old toy factory, rushes there in hope. His son always loved toys. As he enters he asks the factory workers to stop the machinery, his son could be there. They cannot stop the machines… a few of them help him look.
3:34 – 3:50
In the corner of the building, far away from the entrance, lay the child, surrounded by toys he found and sleeping, the father finds him, and carries him home. One of the workers lets the child keep a clapping monkey. Eyes closed, fast asleep, yet the child smiles, as the sun rises…

That is what I think of as I listen to this masterpiece…
The outro doesn’t match the story but I always think of an old TV with a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Sorry for the block of text! I hope you like the story anyway :D

I dont know what the heck everyone's talking about in the other reviews, but i randomly stumbled upon this piece while scrolling around the rankings and stuff...

But this piece is great! It may not catch your attention at first (cause honestly, the intro's not the best), but once it gets to the part when the English horn and Clarinet come out with a melody, it's a killer piece! It's totally awesome, especially when i use headphones...cause i hear the oboe on one ear and clarinet on the other.
Another thing is that those machinery sounding thingys sound wierd and out of place in the beginning, but turn into an amazing background sound later on in the piece. I'm not saying its anything bad or anything though...im just pointing it out (I like the clock sounds)

Annnddd yea! Good job! I can see the time you spent on this

steampianist responds:

Thanks man

Why the hell do your music remind me of Medievil?

steampianist responds:

Maybe ive injected it with nostalgia and the nostalgia differs for every person.
your nostalgia is probably you playing and enjoying the game medievil hehehehe hope I answered your question

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.

Quite an interesting track! I like the beginning a lot. Good atmosphere with the pizz strings and light percussive elements. I think I’m hearing some parallel fifths in your “major” section after the intro. It was interesting that you moved from minor to major sections – broke things up a bit in the piece. I liked your second major section a lot (starting around 2:09), composed very well. I think you could have made that modulation a little bigger, but it was a good idea! Neat ending, I liked the effect used. Great job overall!

Score: 7/10

steampianist responds:

parallel fourths actualy. thanks for the review

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