Road to Everywhere

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Inspired by my vacation road trip to Michigan with my family. Messed with tempo changes a bit.

Actually tried mixing and mastering it on my own as well, only using a preset as a guideline. Could be better, but I'm happy with it. Took forever though to get to sound decent to me.

As always, reviews are very welcome and appreciated :) Especially if it's regarding the mixdown and master, because I want to know how I did.


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I was feeling the classic DM style coming on a few seconds in! :D The tempo changes didn't seem to add much to the piece, though. I also thought some of the high-pitched instruments felt a little too penetrating, like at :59 and 1:26. After around 2:00, though, it melted into a nice, trance-ish electronic beat with a lot of substance to it, which I love. It got a little distorted around 2:30, but it seemed to sort itself out again by 3:00. I liked what you did with the "blips" after that point, though, and the claps at 3:24 were a nice touch. I'm not sure I like it when you use that distorted instrument at 3:30 so excessively, but it served as a good climactic transition into 3:58, which was a highlight of the song for me. I like the tempo change into 4:40, and I like how the very last chord leaves an air of mystery and ambiguity to the piece. I like how you can control my emotions like that, Matt. Overall, nice work! :D I felt that you deserved a nice detailed review after I failed to review your previous track. Keep it up! ;D

Dylnmatrix responds:

Hey, it's good to hear from you again!

I'm glad I can still mess with emotions, it's harder than it looks to do that in music. It takes good composition, good automation control and just good progression. Even though when I started this it was just a mere doodle in my projects folder, I'm glad that my mind is still capable of making emotional music when I'm in my "trance".

I know that the Sandstorm lead (the distorted one at 2:30 and 3:30) that I keep using may not be everyone's favorite and is probably the thing getting stale, but I still love it and can't seem to stop using it, as my tracks sound weird without it to my ears. But I'll see if I can use it in a different way, like I did in Sanctuary, and change it up for once in my career.

I'm glad you guys like the saw that does the blips during the breakdown, I made it from scratch and I'm proud of it. And hearing that it was good in one track makes me feel like I can make more synths on my own and stop relying solely on preset synths.

Thanks for the review man! I've taken note of all the criticism in this review and I'll try and implement some changes in newer tracks. I always appreciate it.

The mixing, I haven't got complaints with, except that the snare is a bit dry and lacks a little depth. The tempo changes are very, VERY well done in this piece.

The intro was what gave me complaints, because of the lack of dynamics in the piano and other things, but when the piece reached 1:21..... it sounded quite nice. And it kept going.... it was a joy to listen to after 1:21. Those synths blipping at the back behind solid chord framework really reminds me of something that comes off Epic Battle Fantasy.

The only thing I would suggest with this is make that intro softer, to justify buildup to this piece. Also, don't make the speed changes halfway through sections unless you are making a definitive end or change in section, which will be shown by change in buildup or resolution.

There is a breakdown around 3:21, and that sounds like a good tension-breaker before the piece picks up what it originally had.

I could imagine myself walking in space, riding on shooting stars, hopping from star to star, while around me I see so many beautiful things around me.

This is a beautiful piece -- knock the kinks out, and you've got a winner!


Dylnmatrix responds:

Thanks for the review!

About the snare, how would you recommend making it better? Better use of reverb or EQing? I'm still a noob when it comes to mixing drums.

The intro...was something I was confused about when I was making it. It wasn't exactly an intro yet my ears said it was and that it worked. I went with what my ears that. After 1:21, that's when I go into my niche in music, and just let the composition take control.

The speed changes where tricky, as I know that when it comes to electronic music, people generally dislike it and don't use it much, so I didn't have much to base off of. I'm great at building tempos and slowing them at the outros, but when it comes to slowing it down in the middle, that's where it's just experimentation and trial/error. I'll keep that tip in mind if I ever try tempo changes again.

Thanks again, Troisnyx! I really appreciate the review!

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