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One Trick Pony

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"All artistic media use technology of one sort or another. But music, more than any other medium, has always been dependent on 'state-of-the-art' technology for its very existence. As soon as man understood how to process animal skins, he made drums; as soon as he learned how to cut wood, he made crude flutes. String instruments are incredibly sophisticated assemblages of diverse and exotic materials. Keyboard instruments are ingenious, fiendishly complicated machines.
The idea that some instruments are more "natural" than others is pure nonsense. Except for the human voice, all musical instruments are highly contrived, wholly artificial, and utterly dependent upon the most advanced technologies of the time in which they are developed. When we view musical instruments in this way, we see that the widespread use of electronics in the production of the music of our time is not a break with tradition, but a clear continuation of it."

~ Robert A. Moog (1975: Electric Music - A Practical Manual)

Those silly little solos are so damn cute because the Akai controller I used to record them with only had two stupid octaves.


-Reason 6
-Akai MPK mini
-Mac OSX ver. 10.5

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Man did i ever love that intro. Sounds like some quite drunk stumbling on the keys :) the whole track actually has a super dope vibe going on. Your instrumental solos are freaking ridiculous, and very new school jazzy :) that background stutter arpeggio definitely carried the whole beat but man did it ever add some spicey flavor to those keyboard solos. Even moreso when you brought backcthe original groove with that syncopated rhythm on the piano. Original, funny, and enjoyable:)

Sorry if my typings a bit fucked, im typing this review on my phone lol. Hopefully you canvget your computer up and running soon :)

Quarl responds:

dawww, love <3

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


I would HARDLY call you from all people on Newgrounds a one-trick pony. Other than the fact that the production is pretty much nailed, the drums sound excellent, and most of the sounds are well-chosen, this song takes unique to a new level. I can honestly never even attempt to predict what will happen next in your music, and this song is no exception, with its almost random cute little piano melody at the beginning followed by a departure to something totally different.

Now for the bad news. The piano during the drum sections feels entirely detached from all of the other instruments in the mix, to the point that most of the time it sticks out like a sore thumb. This would be an interesting way to spice things up but considering that you have that piano playing almost all the time, it really ends up sounding very stale, very quickly. None of the melodic content here is particularly good, as the only semblance of a melody can be found in the piano parts that are often made to sound like they're riddled with performance mistakes and, again, don't quite fit with anything else. The piano here can be compared with an old but great NGADM track you made, Black Widow, which has a piano that NAILS the atmosphere (and even being occasionally atonal and wacky like the piano over here is), but unlike that track, the piano in this track unfortunately feels out of place.

Not quite the amazing, surprise-filled track I was expecting to get from you, given your musical talent, but on the bright side this track at least nails the "surprise-filled" part. And the production is incredible as a bonus, so I think 5.4 is a fair score.

Score: 5.4/10

Quarl responds:

Silly me.

i like the sound of the key in middle of the hip hop beat, nice track

I really dig the techno-piano mix stuff, so I liked this one. I agree with some of the other reviews that request a bit more bass, I feel that if this piece had a bit more bottom to hold it up, the top would pop out a bit more and really hook into peoples ears. Keep up the swell work

Quarl responds:

Thanks mew :)

This is way to cute, pretty fun how basic jazzy melodies can sound good combined with weird hiphop :P

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4.69 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2013
2:20 PM EDT
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