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Played around a lot and tried new things. Mixed it all together and this came out of the blender. Not what I usually do, but chyea!

Have a blaaaaaaaast!

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Star for all of your music !!!

Hi! I was a replacement judge for NGADM round 1 and this is my review of your track!
I scored mixing and composition/arrangement separately so I'll explain here what score I gave you and why. 8/10 in my scoring scheme is "Great", 10/10 is exceptional. To get 10 the piece needed to go beyond expectations, to have a unique sonic quality and present an original aspect (or several) in terms of composition.
Production: 9
It's a good mix, the sounds meld well despite the difference in textures. I admit I may be biased because usually I hate retro sounds as they assault my ears and since yours didn't I added a point... Hey, sue me.
Composition/arrangement: 8
I'm a sucker for when good rhythm meets good melody. Some of your melody work is lacking that... spark, but the two married so well I really enjoyed listening to this.
Also it's a little unusual and I like unusual things.

That's 8.5/10 for you my friend.

Mawnz responds:

Thank you for the review MetalRenard, you along with the other judges are doing an awesome job that is very much appreciated!
I think i agree with your opinions there. There is something missing and I couldn't find just that, unfortunately...
Glad to hear your thoughts on the retro sounds! Thanks again for the judging, keep it up!

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


There's some pretty good stuff in this submission. Rhythmically, it excels. You've got a strong primary riff that you develop to a great extent and really flesh out fully (although it did get repetitive) and there are some sweet sounds and effects in this track too (the winner for me would be the high-pass filtering you did at the beginning). Like your audition, this would fit incredibly well in a game. The progression, composition and sounds really set the likeable mood that this has.

Having said that, this truly does fall short of your audition in terms of quality, I'm afraid. The track feels very directionless, and some of the melodies are considerably bland. Your audition was enjoyable because of the undeniably catchy melody it had, whereas this just feels ultimately unsatisfying. There are some almost random aspects in this track, like the key change, and some transitions are also sadly not up to par (such as the transition at 0:08 which just felt anti-climatic). You've got the right idea for most of the drums but they seem to lack punch in them, mainly the snare/clap (I'm not a huge fan of your kick either).

The track has a hefty amount of issues in my opinion, although some redeeming factors such as the mostly good sounds, excellent mood and some impressive ideas make up for the faults this has most of the time.

Score: 7.1/10

Mawnz responds:

First of all: a huge thanks to you and the other judges for taking you time, and doing this,
I'm really happy I even made it through the auditions for my first NGADM so I'm looking forward to next year!
As for the review:
I felt the same way making this tune, and mostly for the track being directionless.
I just didn't feel where it was going, but at he same time the main riff was so catchy I basically forced myself to add more and more stuff to it. Trying new sounds etc.
I did make another track for the first round that was easier for people to relate to, but I decided to go with this in the end.

I'm taking your advice into consideration for future songs!
Thanks once again for the hard work you put in for this contest!

Interesting track. There's a lot going on, and I like that. It would go pretty well in a Mario game (hopefully you take this as a compliment, i would : P) Didn't expect what happened in the end, nice one. I think it needs more amplitude on the mid frequencies though.
Keep it up Mawnz

Mawnz responds:

Thanks a lot man! I agree regarding the frequencies :p I've got a long way to go regarding mixing and stuff. I love Mario so that's of course a compliment :D
Thanks again, good luck mate!

Sweet sounds. :) There just seemed to be something missing, or the sound quality was terrible, or SOMETHING. Anyway, nice work.

Mawnz responds:

Thanks, yea I dunno about this one :p Might be a bit too risky to use this song for the first round... I had my catchy melody and tried to develop from that adding different elements, changing volume levels and stuff, but it was kind of forced. Meaning I had a hard time figuring out what I really wanted in it, and I still don't really know for sure. Thanks for listening and the review though GMR516!
EDIT: I think the sound quality is a little better now! I hope so at least haha

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Jul 25, 2013
4:59 PM EDT
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