LaunchPoint - Enjoy the Night

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My take on electro house. I enjoyed working on this project, and with 30 hours I think that any more adjustments would have ruined the song for me.

Let me know what you think!


Jaydee123 from musicshake here. still a fan, just checking some more of your new work. needs a fatter kick with compression. nice risers, some heavy eqing needed (granted you're still learning an eqing is crazy hard) and the bass needs a lot of work, it's not tight or deep enough (im referencing deadmau5 - Suckfest 9001 for my review of the kick/bass ) (disclaimer: i did not using quality grade equipment to review this) good stuff though, you've improved ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shabadaman responds:

I can't believe you still remember me from musicshake, wow! It's good to see you checking out my stuff on here! Thanks a lot for the review, I suppose it's only uphill from here!

Good to know I haven't been forgotten dude, cheers.

The rap was pretty catchy, though personally not a fan. I would still be impressed if that was you rapping though xD The bassy synth you used throughout the entire song got a little old after a while. Overall, it sounded well mastered, though a little repetitive, and I think the rap was decent, even though I personally don't enjoy it as much
Nice work!

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Shabadaman responds:

Thanks a lot man, it's really great to hear your feedback!

The vocals reminded me of Pitbull. And I don't like Pitbull. The chorus was very catchy, but it felt a little empty. A piano melody or pads in the background would have worked very well imo. The intro is very good and exciting. It was my favorite part of the song.

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Shabadaman responds:

Thanks for your input. I'm working on doing more trancey stuff in the future, so I agree with what you're saying.

hmm i can hear you have put more hours into this song, however that doesnt mean i like it all lol
im not a fan of the rap/vocal.. kinda ruines the song if you'd ask me.
anyway to the start again:
you start of really good imo!
the pluck or whatever it is sounds solid, the string/pad too only thing i would do is put sidechain on the string..

the bass at the 0.23 spot is also pretty enjoyable but still i would have done more with it.

the vocal starting at 0.50 is good, yea i just said i didnt like it, but since its not too long at this point, its more enjoyable, too bad it starts again at 1.12.
you could have filled that up with a massive bassline, or make the main synth stronger!

the build up starting at 1.44 until 1.51 feels to short and kinda soft to me. maybe you could have given it length with a really simple snare roll.. it also would have given the song a bit of variation.
and variation is what i miss aswell.

as i already mentioned to me it sounds like youve put more hours into this project then your last one.
but i still think this song could have been soo much bigger!

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Shabadaman responds:

Thanks for your honesty as always man! Maybe I could have done more with it, I think that this time I was trying for a simpler approach.

Still, I agree with a lot of what you're saying.

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Jul 25, 2013
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