Make A Scene

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For NGADM Round 1
VS. steampianist

Did a weird indie alternative pop song with a strange contrapuntal bridge that goes really fast. Also did a lot of glitching and other effects with my voice in the background instrumentals. I had another piece I was working on to use as my round one submission, but suddenly a completely different inspiration came to mind and I created this.


Hold up, he's got a gun, run effective.
It's no surprise that our instinct is so defective.
Ooo la la la la laa, where are you hiding?
What the fuck is this thing that you're describing?

No, I don't see the point of this.
I'm pretty sure this is something you won't miss.
If this shit happens again, everyone will know it.
You cannot force me where I don't fit.

I know this is a deconstruction.
Everybody's an obstruction.
And so much shit is in production.
So I will have to make a scene.

What's that? Another plan for perfection?
Suppose you settle all above their detection.
Really, really, come on, they've got protection,
Setting up to envision fake affection.

No, I don't wanna help you.
You've got other friends who definitely follow through.
I'm not, I'm not coming again to fuck ferocity.
If you succeed, just pretend to go without me.

I know this is a deconstruction.
Everybody's an obstruction.
And so much shit is in production.
So I will have to make a scene.

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Such an original track, I truly haven't heard anyone quite like ZipZipper. Even SteamPianist is pretty unique...but Zip, you're something else! Love you FOREVER <3

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.

This track certainly screams ZipZipper! You’ve got a very high production level. The introduction is great – grabs your attention immediately. I wouldn’t quite call this beat-boxing, but rather, using your voice in a percussive manner (if that makes any sense). Great work on the glitch effects. The little falsetto part at 1:12 was wonderful. I wish that you would have reintroduced that or done something similar later in the song, maybe during the guitar solo. The guitar solo was unexpected, I liked it! It probably could have been used in the introduction as well in a truncated form, which would have really tied it in to the rest of the piece. My only gripes with this track would be that the glitch effect was overused a little bit too much, not too much else to complain about! Great job.

Score: 8.5/10

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


Classic strangely-addicting obscurity right here, by none other than ZipZipper, and this time we get glitching! Let me start by saying that the vocal work here is, as it usually is in songs by you, impressive, and other than some perhaps excessive delaying on the vocals at times, the glitching and effects on your voice were tremendously enjoyable to listen to. Lyrics make no sense to me but who cares haha. The production quality is, most of the time, outstandingly clear. The layers of glitching fit so well with everything and make this a very memorable track, and unlike your NGMT Round 2 track, even the parts without vocals in them are memorable. And hey, the vocal melodies were really catchy. This track is fantastic.

No doubt, the good things in this track outweigh the bad things by far. However, they still need to be mentioned, and they're mostly chorus-related. I think the chorus was repeated a tad too many times in the track. On top of that, the chorus ends really lamely with the word "scene" just echoing out. I think a much better idea would've been to hold the word "scene" as a leading note, so that it makes a bit more of a statement and leads well to following sections. I also think the production value in the chorus goes down a notch, primarily in the drums/glitching, since they lose a lot of clarity that they have during the verses. Lastly, I'm still not sure I like the ending or not, although I don't think I do haha. I understand you were going for that understated kind of ending, but you could've at least given it some form of conclusion, even if it's just a tiny little tonic note played by the bass.

But seriously, I think you've certainly outdone yourself with this one. I'm very impressed!

Score: 9.5/10

Dude! In all honesty voice created effects are freaking AWESOME!
IDK about these lyrics... they seem very random. lol however I swear I am far more interested in the vocals and instrumentals.

The feel of this song is amazing. I'm not much for swearing, but who cares. I enjoyed the piece none the less. The ending of the song probably could have used some work, however. Other then that I hear no other flaws. 5/5

And again you created something different to all the others, something very unique and strong - the beat and the mouth noises combined with accordeon and drums ... just absolutely insane but very unique and awesome. Very creative work. I really appreciate that you always go your own way and do whatever you want. Just strong! Keep up your uniqueness and 1337-ness!

Good luck to you!

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Jul 24, 2013
7:08 PM EDT
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