Blind Maiden

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[[Just to clarify for a few who have commented, no pitch-correction or autotune effects have been used on my vocals. Only noise-removal, reverb and equalisation, all of which do nothing to the pitching of the vocals ^_^]]

This is my submission for Round 1 of the NGADM competition on Newgrounds. The song is about a young, blind maiden who somehow miraculously regains vision. Both the day and night pass, however, when she awakes, her vision has once again disappeared. However, she shows no sadness. The moral to this story is to not cry over what 'once was' but to be thankful. Cherish the good and move on from the bad in the past.

Eyes misty white look out towards the light
Yet darkness is all they find
Dark as the night, clouded like the skies
Waiting for something to arise

One fateful day, the crystal mists gave way
To visions of sun so bright
The maiden with fear, fell back as they appeared
As she slowly regained her sight

"Hai-ye, Blessed be, the maiden now can see
A miracle indeed has surely come to thee!"
The townsfolk did scream in joyous harmony
As the maiden was finally set free

Aya-i-ye hai-yo, ara-re-rai-iyo-ru-no
Hai-ye hai-yo iru no, ni-yo-ro ha-ye-i-yo x4

Just a single night had passed
And this wonder, it did not last
But the maiden showed no dismay
For all she'd seen that one sweet day

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Nice job, I don't usually like songs like this but I enjoyed this one. It kind of reminded me of the ending song in The Hobbit. Good job!

NGADM Round 1 review.


Wow, what an amazing track. Loved the story, loved the vocals, loved the instruments. The quality is brilliant. As others have said, your voice is soft, yet compelling. Such a combination really creates an ethereal listening experience. Ho ho ho ho (...yeah that was terrible...)! The vocals were certainly the highlight of the track, and I really enjoyed the fact that you used various singing techniques to showcase your incredible talent. The story and lyrics are so captivating, and I could really picture this 'Blind Maiden' you sing of. The oriental instruments are integrated in such a wonderful way, they add remarkable depth to this track. The woodwinds in particular (Shakuhachi, Dizi, Bansuri?) are amazing; the trills of these instruments are abundant and perfectly incorporated!

As much as I enjoyed listening to the vocals, they overpowered the instrumental side of the song. The quality of the instruments and their use is great, but they are hard to hear through your voice! By turning down the vocals a notch, this song would truly shine! Also, there seems to be too much reverb associated with certain instruments, namely the piano and the percussion. Finally, the cymbal at the end of the track sounded a little out of place. Nudging it to sound a second later might do the trick! Of course, it might just be me who thinks this!

This song is beautiful! I hope you realize that you have made something quite special. :)

Score: 8.75/10

etherealwinds responds:

I almost forgot that I'd be getting a second review! Those are some very kind words so thank you a lot, I really appreciate it. Primarily I've always been a vocalist, singing on YouTube since I was 13, so I guess rather than creating instrumentals to surround my voice, I've gotten into a habit of creating instrumentals to support or accompany my voice! Actually, upon receiving Step's review about how he'd like to have heard more of the instruments, I focused more on the instrumental on Round 2.

You are so kind, all the very best :)

Very heart-felt. great song!

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you Rabid ^ ^ much appreciated

Almost sounds like a cross of Halo and The Hobbit i dig this alot keep up the good work :)

etherealwinds responds:

haha thank you Sulf!! :)

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


Your track was one of the few that I was really looking forward to listening to. You've got an incredibly soft voice for a guy, and couple that with extraordinary singing talent, masterful composition skills, nice-sounding instruments, and good lyrics, and you've got a pretty amazing combination. The melodies might be a bit typical for this style, but honestly they're great, and supported by suitable harmonies. The instrument choice is awesome... and that singing, damn. Vocal harmonies were perfect, and unlike Braiton I loved that little trill you performed at 1:04 (hard to believe you did something like that with such precise pitch without a tuning software). This is excellent, and I'm disappointed to see you only have 11 fans. I'm hoping the NGADM will change that, because you deserve more.

No track is perfect, however, and this is no different. The singing, despite being so good, has a few off notes where your voice falls a little too weak for a brief moment. This is a ridiculously small nitpick, though. A bigger issue is that I think you're relying too much on your voice to deliver your track. This is because even if the instrumental section is nice, your voice covers it all up! You should turn it down a little, and harness the expressive power of your instruments a bit more. For example, at the very end, you have a beautiful harp but your voice is too loud and covers it up so it diminishes the softness that that section would have had if you had the harp and your voice playing in a more balanced manner. Giving the instrumental section some more love will really highlight the more powerful sections too.

Honestly though, this is masterfully made. I'm highly impressed.

Score: 9/10

etherealwinds responds:

That really means a lot to me Step. Thank you! I can see now why it's taken you so long to review so many entries. I'm really looking forward to Round 2. My first time entering and I'm doing so much better than I ever would have expected.

All the best to you! :)

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