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As always, I love to know what you think!

Thought I'd try something besides DnB for a bit. Let me know if you want to hear more like this. Also, thoughts on the quality/mastering? I tried some new things out.
I let this track stew an extra week, which in retrospect was a bad decision. Some parts of this song I felt were necessary but I'm not all that fond of how they came out.

I've got two new liquid DnB tracks already pretty far along so it shouldn't be too long before those are done. I want to make sure they're good so they have a shot at living up to my past work.


Simple, but very enjoyable.

I always say that I love your intros, and this isn't an exception. It's very similar to previous pieces in the way it's structured, and I'm alright with that. I like the chord progression a lot too.

I mentioned that it's simple, and it really is. You're using a lot of basic arpeggio melodies, the percussion isn't hugely variant. If I'm making that sound like a negative quality, I really shouldn't be :P I'm actually very fond of the simplicity. It keeps it clean and it's still very engaging.

Mastering-wise I think this is pretty solid, but I can't give you a hugely in-depth perspective as my headphones died a few days ago and I'm stuck with earbuds - my sound quality's not what it should be if I'm going to comment on that. From what i can hear at least, your mix sounds quite good. The kick's quite prominent, and it sounds fairly punchy - I really like your hats, too. They mesh extremely well with the clap/snare thang.

The mix is also pretty well balanced in a spectrum-sense, your frequencies are all pretty well covered and the leads are appropriately audible. Production-wise, this one is definitely a winner.

Despite the simplicity, I really like this one. Was pleasantly surprised to see it pop up in my Youtube Sub-box thingy :P

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Alloud responds:

Thanks for the review!

I wanted to "test the waters" in this genre first before I go and spend a huge amount of time on something, which might explain the simplicity. I didn't want to make something I'd end up hating in the end because nothing turned out how I planned. So I'm glad you still enjoyed it. If I ever revisit house I'l probably try something more complex or a different sub-genre.

Sorry to hear about your headphones; I know how that feels. D:
I was a little more careful with my mixing this time so I'm glad that payed off.

Cheers. :3

I like the mood at the beginning, as well as the instruments and sweeps and crash. It's nice and atmospheric. It doesn't progress quickly enough for my tastes, but it's great for some easy listening. The beat gave it a strange sort of energy, and I love the breakdown around 2:30. I liked the structure and transitions, and it seemed to go somewhere as a whole. Nice work! ;)

Alloud responds:

Thank you for the input, it's appreciated! I was definitely going for the atmospheric/easy listening thing; it's what I do for most of my tracks. If I ever try house again I'll probably go for faster progression and more dynamic song structure, so maybe something closer to electro house. The breakdown is actually my least favorite part, haha, but I'm glad you liked it. Thanks again.

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Jul 17, 2013
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