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I spent about 5 hours on this song.

An hour of this time was totally consumed with making the kick punchy enough, but I think I got there!

As always, leave suggestions for improvements/things I could change for the next song! Your feedback is greatly appreciated :)


I think in the future you should focus more on creating good melodies. This song is good but it's like a really good quality canvas that needs paint. The ending left me feeling inconclusive. The song stopped so suddenly and I didn't understand the reason for that.

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Shabadaman responds:

I totally agree with your critique. I'll make sure to improve on my next song!

I think D-chain has made comments that I agree with for the most part so to save time I will only say the things he/she didn't yet.

Well, I'm always a fan for diversity and this is one of a few trance songs that is more diverse. Still somewhat repetitive for me, but I understand trance is supposed to be repetitive.

I've said to this quite a few producers on NG and I will say it to you too. Percussion with high frequencies emphasized is a good thing. Don't drown them out. That clap needs to sound more upfront and crisper.

Around 0:40 your choice of lead instrument is not that good. Sounds like a preset that has little work done on it.
D-chain mentioned of the awkward drums you used around 1:12, but I kind of liked the change from the four to the floor drum pattern. Interesting idea, though the accompanying composition could have been a bit better.

Your choice, but I suggest never to add in vocals that act like MC. Only live MCs should say stuff like that, not in a song.

Overall I feel like this song is mostly bass and nothing else. I think you should have spent more time making a melody and harmony. Then again, you only spent 5 hours. Try to make a song that takes longer than 5 hours....like a couple of weeks. At least I could tell you had fun making this and that is what matters the most.

5/5 vote and review.
Bye for now

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Shabadaman responds:

Wow, that's what I call a review! I'll be sure to implement the changes you've recommended in my next production, thanks for the critique! :D

You have been busy while you were gone I can see--this is absolute creativity! I agree with a lot of what D-Chain said, but I'm not sure I would constrict yourself so much--I mean, this is pretty sick, even if it isn't conventional. I love it! Can't wait to hear more! :DD

Shabadaman responds:

Thanks dude! Be sure to see more stuff coming out soon!

This song is frickin catchy mannn!! I could really see your beats in the charts in the near future keep it up dudeee!

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Shabadaman responds:

Thanks Martin! All the support is most welcomed :)

so here i am.. still awake while i should be sleeping..
Hello to you sir! haha

the moment i started playing this song i thought it was elektro lol
the first cuttoff (vocal) synth is off key.. you might want to fix that at 0.13 - 0.16

the melody coming in at 0.31 sounds epic! reminded me a bit of hardtrance melodies.
good fill at 1.03! but im not sure what the weird breakbeat/trap beat is about? i dont really like it that much if im honest. you best use a snare roll of some kind, there are serious a thousand ways to do a snare roll.
alright so after the build it sounds good again.
at 1.49 there's a Snare drum overpowering everything with its volume but most with its reverb.. might want to fix it.

hmm again the breakbeat/trap beat..
the main synth is nice in a strange way lol

hmm the outro was a bit like.. IN YOUR FACE and gone.. bit too fast for me.

overall i would say i like this song for 55% the hats where imho perfectly done,
but the structure, the idea behind the song is a bit unclear to me.

my suggestion is that you should try and listen to other trancy songs, study the structure of them and possibly the waveform!

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Shabadaman responds:

Thanks for the honest review! I suppose I didn't have a clear direction in my head, maybe that's something i'll work on next time.

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