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Tom Fulpatron

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HAPPY ROBOT DAY 2013!!!!10101001
This is our entry for Robot Day 2013 - An exclusive NG track! A story about a robot Fulpatron we built. It just needs a human brain in order to work! Check them links on our profile for more of us. We do stuffs & interact.

Call upon the P-Bot, and tell 'em what I done
took this robotic son of a gun and made a Fulpatron
Connect the battery to the circuit board, I'm set!
I need a brain, hey Wade come here and open up your head!
We need this Fulpatron alive or else the Portal's dead.
I hit the switch but nothing....but what I get instead:
"Discombobulated, robotically modulated
Populated, under judgement, and it's moderated"

Went back to the chat to relax and get advice,
ran into Knights, whom wasn't very nice.
I couldn't get much in the way of assistance,
no one lending me their brain - only resistance.
Forget that! I'mma go about my plan,
a scalpel and an ice cream scoop in my hand...
knock on the door, his brain is what I want,
Got my shit beat to shit by a robotic Tom,
he harmed me and I hardly even knew what's goin' on.
He grabbed me by the neck and then my body went numb,
he kicked me in the face and then he banned me for a month.
I need to get this robot a fresh, human brain
Egoraptor won't do it, cause he's busy Grumpin' Games.
I guess I'll have to give up this robotic fantasy,
front page, yeah, but no Fulpatron for me! :(


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My new ringtone ;D

AnalogByNature responds:

Awesome! Now we want to call you! :) lol

This is extremely creative and amusing. I love the 8-bit, videogame feel. The glitchy, robotic sound effects added a ton to it as well. I love the lyrics - they're extremely creative, and the mix is very full, but still good and not TOO busy! You also provide a good deal of structural relief with the minimalism at 1:03. It's catchy, cool, coherent, and overall very entertaining. I see no issues with the balance of volume levels or the mixing, and it's very smooth-flowing and well-structured. I think some of the effects are a bit high-pitched and harsh-sounding, but I think you were going for that gritty effect, which admittedly works quite well with the theme of the piece. Also, the vocals sounded a bit whiny at times, but I'll admit that, again, the unpolished nature of them seemed quite fitting with the theme. Overall, excellent work! Pieces like this are easy to review! ;D


This is quirky, fun to listen to. The sound effects, the 8-bit, it sounds so well done. The piece kinda reminds me of a video game version of Mr Bombastic.... whether it rubs me the wrong way, or not, is immaterial, because it's at least left me something to remember.

Right off the bat I feel the vocals are lacking precision. A bit off timing in places, and to my ears, sounds a bit nervous in some places. Perhaps it was intended to be sung in the same volume and predominantly the same pitch throughout, but I find a bit more expression is warranted in places like "Holy **** Tom's already a robot!" -- hip-hop is not my genre, but I do know one thing about it: good hip-hop artists have no holds barred with expression. Dynamics, manner of speech, tone...

The music is alright, I suppose -- I have no complaints with regards to mixing.

Fun song, vocals could use some oomph. For the record, I listened for the most part without looking at the lyrics, and it was trippy. Had me smiling a bit.


Mind if I use this?

AnalogByNature responds:

Sure. Like all of our tracks, just give us a name credit, and link back to us. It would be nice to see what you use it in/for.
Have fun! :)

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Jul 10, 2013
1:43 AM EDT
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