Dylnmatrix & Ionic Force - Entropy

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Entropy (n) - Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder
A thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system's thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system.
40+ hours in the making. A mix of Complextro and Trance. 31 patterns, 25 automation clips, and CPU usage off the charts. I give you guys Entropy, my massive collab with my good friend Karl, aka Ionic Force.

This is the first collab that I've ever finished, and this was the most extensive collab that Karl has ever done. And we're both very proud of it.

We hope you guys enjoy and reviews are greatly appreciated :)

Ionic Force (delete any spaces in the links)

My links can be found on my userpage.

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To be honest, when I first listened to this song I didn't like it so much. It sounded very distorted and angry, a style of music I wasn't really accustomed to. I felt bad because I know you were excited about this piece a lot. Over the past few months, though, I've really expanded my musical tastes, and now I can tell you that this is FREAKING AWESOME!!! :D I love all the instruments, especially the crashes, and the climax into 1:38 is absolutely incredible. Unlike some of your tracks, the length doesn't bother me so much, as it makes this piece truly epic. I think it does a great job of highlighting that classic DM-style synth (i.e., 3:18), and the structure really takes the listener on a very vivid musical journey. I really liked the sense of constant direction this one had in that sense, especially at spots like around :40 - 1:00 and 4:40 - 5:00, for example. It's constantly changing, yet feels so coherent. The mix is clearly very full, but considering just how much content you have packed in there, you did a nice job there too. Amazing work! :D I apologize again for not reviewing this earlier. Keep up the great work, Matt, and hope you get out of that writer's block soon / good luck with your speech! ;D

Dylnmatrix responds:

I never replied to this. I'm going to now. Hi :D

I'm glad you like it now, man! But to be honest, now me and Ionic Force don't like it so much XD.

There are so many things that could be improved, like the damn mix for example. And my 3 trance drops that sound exactly the same with the bad mix. But we use this as a springboard. Double-Edge, the track we most recently released with the start of our Equilibria project, is musically brilliant, but the mix is still lacking and could to with a polish (but I know why it was bad now that I can actually run the project on my laptop again!). This remix we're working on, the Acid 9000 one, is probably going to be the best works of both of us, until Ionic Force finishes his track Infinite Realms, and we're really pushing hard to finish it as soon as possible in between school and him working.

I really am glad you like it though, as I said. I may not like the song anymore, but with the inspiration I get from this track for my future ones and these positive reviews, I shall never forget it.

Thank you. <3

The track is, overall, beautifully done. The complextro segments really do convey the feeling of entropy, very well done! Those toms O_o

The only recommendation I can make is to EQ the lows a bit. The kicks over power some of the other percussion, and towards the end of the track the sub clipped a tad. Those are minor though because... HOLY BALLS that was good! Keep it up!


I really can't think right now. . . . . .
I think my head exploded, I can't really tell. . . .
Apples. . . . . .

Dylnmatrix responds:

Haha, thanks man.

I really like it, the mix of sounds go together really well. I personally think you created something beautiful. I find it extremely hard to find anything wrong with it haha

Dylnmatrix responds:

Thanks man! Glad you like it!

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Jul 10, 2013
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