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Alone and Adrift

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Hello. This is a new song. I've been incredibly miserable for a good while, and I finally channeled all of that into a song. I hope you like it.

Full title: "Alone and adrift in the blackness of space."

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Stunningly beautiful piece of music.

To be honest, the song feels more like a lonely space traveller admiring the different galaxies as they pass by.

As was mentioned previously, the middle of the song does change the tone more than you probably wanted it to, but it still fits.

I don't know how I overlooked this piece of music as you are a favorite artist!

Oh my goodness that melody is just so sad ;.;

I really love this piece. It's so sad and beautiful. argh.

The break in the middle with the sitar feels really out of place but... still... the melody.

Off the top of my head, I can't remember hearing a better melody on Newgrounds. I teared up.

I REALLY love this track, keep up the amazing work!

Very nice job. This is seriously talented work. I like this song, because it has very strong strings, but they are low in pitch. Some other stuff you have made (like Tossing, Turning) had strong strings but they were high pitched and sort of overpowering. I think these sound very nice and compliment the song nicely. I'll go through the song.

The beginning sounds great. It sets the mood right away, of hopelessness and being alone. I like the melody there, and the instrument (not sure exactly what it is). Then, when the beep starts at 00:14, that goes really well. I got a bit thrown off when it was offbeat, but that actually works so well. It again adds to the mood of being alone. The beep works really well. Then, the orchestral bit after that continues to be great. You seem to know exactly when to add what to make it sound awesome.

Then, when the drums start, it all goes together really well. That beep, drums, orchestral sounds...there are a lot of instruments going together but they all fit. I don't find any one instrument overpowering, it sounds awesome! Honestly, great work.

However, at 02:17, I didn't like the transition there. It seemed a bit sudden. However, I really liked how you kept that melody you had and just played it with a different instrument. I really like how that instrument sounds (I know you've used it before...sitar?) and I like how you've used it here. Over-all, this particular part of the song feels a bit out of place. It sounds good, but with the transition into it and the over-all changes it seems a bit out of place. I don't know, could be just me.

I really enjoyed the part at 02:45. That was awesome and relaxing and hopeful, and...wow. That really got my attention. Really great work there. Very powerful instruments, great choice of sounds in that section. I have nothing to say there. Then, at 3:20, with just that beep, is great. Really enforces that theme of alone and adrift.

Love the transitional thing at 3:40. The piano works very well along with the strings of course. It transitions seamlessly into 3:54 and then onwards and upwards from there. I just love that melody you made, a simple little thing at the beginning, and then it just exploded into an entire song. It is really something beautiful. I love these sections, the main sections of the song. I think they are perfect and awesome. Amazing work!

Outro works really well. The sitar bit makes a very nice outro. Then, leaving with the beep wraps up the song perfectly.

Over-all, wow. I am in awe. The beginning starts so strong, then just keeps getting better. Again, thought the part at 2:17 just sounded out of place. It changed too much, maybe. It sounds great, so probably just a smoother transition, maybe introducing the sitar earlier with a couple of random notes, or something like that. That transition/section is the only reason that isn't a 5/5 for me. Honestly, at 1:23, completely relaxing and awesome. I love that in this song you had such a strong presence of both orchestral sounds and sick drum beats. There was that awesome drum section at 1:23 that blew me away. Then, you had an equally awesome orchestral part starting at 2:45 and just exploding into a beautiful symphony of awesome. That kind of soulful, orchestral-drum combination is why I like your music so much. Combining so many sounds together that come from different genres, hell different countries, and it sounds great. Amazing job. I hope to hear more like this in the future.


P.S. Am I going crazy, or was that Bitpop I heard at around 00:43?? Got a bit nostalgic there, to be honest :D

RetromanOMG responds:

Jeez, you always make the best reviews. I'm absolutely thankful for the amount of detail and attention you put into these reviews, Pixelbey.

The transition in the middle of the song was something I was never 100% sure about. I knew I wanted sitar in this song, but didn't know how exactly to bring it in without completely turning the song on its head, besides devoting a specific portion of the song for it. I think it worked much better as an outro, though, so I probably should have done the middle section the same, but with a different instrument.

Still, I'm glad you were, overall, satisfied with this song. And yes, I did put a small portion of Bitpop in the beginning, I didn't expect anyone to catch that, haha.

This is really dynamic and full of life and atmosphere but I do recommend Edirol Orchestral vst or some better strings in some parts, but this is really good :) good work. I could see this in an RPG.

RetromanOMG responds:

Edirol Orchestra? Never heard of it before, and I'm always looking for richer orchestral sounds. Thanks for the feedback.

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Jul 9, 2013
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