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Tim Endew - 79 (At Life's End)

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~NG Cut~

ok this is the last and final edit im submitting to NG..
be happy im letting you guys/gals hear so much of the song.

have fun destroying subwoofers and waking up neighbors!

PS! (if any soul reads this)

This 'NG cut' is in the Spinnin'Records Talent pool and im trying to get as much voters as i can to get up that list!
if you visit my NG profile and take a look at my news post,
there's a link and description on how to vote for this NG cut!

I thank any soul and person who votes very very much!
its really a matter of having allot of votes or not i guess.
thats how the Talent pool works.

Full length!
however i have NOT taken any time to fix issues in the song just yet.

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Well that is quiet a statement to say this song is going big in a month. Well I hope it does as I always support up and coming artists. However, there are a few things that need to be improved on before you make that final push.

Does your inspiration come from the trance group W & W? Anyway, the intro is good. 0:15 interesting use of the snare roll. I think that lead instrument can be improved on. Your drums sound hardcorish, but the composition sounds so mellow. A little weird to me. The order is restored at 0:30. I like the suspenseful fx sounds.

0:46 your pad seems a bit weak. Perhaps not loud enough? Maybe needs some modulation to it to be more interesting? Can't quite point it out.

1:16 I think your percussion muffles out the bass. I know the bass is playing some arpeggio pattern or if not it definitely isn't just a pad sustained for a long period of time. However, because I can't pick it out easily there needs to be better mixing here.

2:00 not a real fan. Never was a fan of vocal clips such as you did at 2:14 but that is a matter of opinion.

Overall,the song started off on a good note. There is good emotion put in this song too. Some instrumental revision is needed and few mixing corrections here and there. Though I am not a fan of hard trance, I know I have heard much more "hardcorish" tunes than yours (eg. black sensation) and I think the reason is because you relied too much on that fuzzy lead and drums to get through through this song. There are many more ways to make a song more explosive. Things like fx in areas other than the transition areas, more harmonies, increased presence on the instruments (use less reverb on that bass at 1:16), etc. I can tell you know your music well enough so I don't need to tell you the other ways and you probably know more about hard trance than me. Just stating my comparisons to other hard trance songs i have heard.

5/5 vote and review
Bye for now

D-Chain responds:

thanks for the long review there, didnt see it coming tho.
interesting pointers throughout! the mixing indeed needs improvement such as the arp bass you mentioned
the pad you mention however is weak because its playing the underline e.g the bass line.
i dont feel it needs more volume as the upper line has enough power.

what i dont get is why you call this hard trance?
im not sure what time period you are from but this is EDM (electronic dance music) or in short terms BIGROOM!
hard trance is a small part of EDM and has a BPM of 140++ , follows constant BEATS by that i mean it has more then 1 beat at a time and has cheesy melodies and also has puncier kickdrums!
i consider my kickdrum punches rather weak if i compare it to hardtrance..
also my melodies are more emotional rather then just 'hands-up'

and yes, i know my stuff well and W&W as you stated at the start might have given me some inspiration!

overall i would give this review a 7 out of 10 due to unclair statements.
however i thank you for listening and again the long review!


PS: i assume you never go to trance parties or house parties since your not a fan of the 2:00 part
no matter however, its no shame because i have only been once back in the day.

This song is more addictive than crack cocaine. (I don't condone drug abuse NG)

D-Chain responds:

HAHAHAHA you sir are hilarious!
thanks for the words hahaha

Wish this was my ringtone...:o awesome so far can't wait till the full is out here

D-Chain responds:

Haha thank yooouu :D

It's so amazing that seems like a dream

D-Chain responds:

what kind of dream? =D

awesome build-up! loved it, cant wait for the finished song!

D-Chain responds:

its finished just now!
the only thing left to do now is tweaking and tweaking and guess what.. MORE TWEAKING!

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Jul 9, 2013
7:15 PM EDT
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