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Author Comments

Made this song a couple months back, its pretty cool though. I really like the transition thing I did halfway through the song. I dunno, I like to experiment with my music. Little catchy too, yeah?


i don't like how the piano feels in this, like it just goes BANG and cuts out immediately. doesn't feel right to me in this song.
and for me that first riff is kinda annoying to listen to even once, so the repetition isn't really the issue haha
otherwise, i enjoyed the second half of the track and those distorted backing synths in particular are really nice.

For starters, the synth melody is overly repetitive, going on for 49 seconds >_< Plus the bassline has been repeating its shift between B and A# for over a minute. Listening to the intro made me wonder whether this was experimental, or something a person in GCSE would do if he had a DAW and started making music for his class project... it really gave off an uneasy vibe with all those repetitions. What *would* be catchy is if you had a song with a singable melody, a memorable melody, but certainly not one that repeated for that long a period of time. Honestly, even the piece of background music, 'VS Kracko' from Kirby's Epic Yarn, didn't come to THAT amount of repetition even though it was a very short loop!

1:00 has those beautiful, watery synths that come in and create a beautiful ambience within the piece. That part is quite alright to listen to -- I really like what you've done with those watery synths. Might I say, it's my favourite. I notice it's the part you really enjoy as well.

1:43 has a variation in the bass AT LAST! Some parts sound like they're trying to create a bridge section to link up to another. I got disappointed at the very end because there could've been a sort of breakdown before bringing the general tension of the piece back to normal (for lack of a better word) -- variation in a piece does suggest buildup, and it was kinda sad because the piece just ended like that.

TL;DR: There is one hit and a lot of misses, from what I've heard. I do understand that in experimental music, you play with all of its forms, whether it be chords or melodies. But that doesn't mean we throw away our understanding of general tonality. Like that intro, for instance, which gashed it a lot. If anything, it should complement our understanding of general tonality.

What do you want your experimental song to evoke? What do you want it to BE, either to yourself or to the listener? Ask yourself these questions, and these might provide you a bit of guidance on how to proceed.


MockOff responds:

Hmm, I thought the synth melody was nice and a bit catchy and I added a tad variety to the background with it to try to make it not overly repetitive. The bass line has like 7 different notes (if counting octaves) its hitting in the first part of the song so I'm not sure what you're saying about it just shifting between B and A#...
Thanks for the compliment about those watery synths, but that is actually my guitar playing, not a synthesizer. I'm not sure I completely agree with what you were saying, but I thank you for taking the time to review my song as such.

I wouldn't say Indie...it's more techno-like...
but yeah it was pretty good.

MockOff responds:

Techno usually doesn't have piano or guitars? I dunno, its more experimental and indie covers a lot of ground. But thank you for listening and enjoying it :)

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3.99 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2013
1:20 PM EDT
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