_-=[The Maestro's Requiem]=-_

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The final song I will submit to NG. Thanks for everything guys, this one is for you all.


Fare Well...

You are among the best here on NG and we will miss you dearly... Excelent good bye song too! XD

A Brilliant Farewell?

Though short, like most of your songs, I'm simply awe-struck at its quality. Quite a farewell, I suppose!

Not as diverse as some of your other pieces, but in this case, I think that's a good thing. For once, simpler is better.

You've possibly put together one of the most suspense-building pieces on Newgrounds. It combines a good beat, a bit of fast paced music, and makes an overall interesting piece of work.

I do think that eventually, you could've changed the background so it wasn't as repetitive, but the melody did more than enough.

Great work! (And, this had better not be the last...)

very good

nice dude, its awsome ...not my everyday type of music...but very diverse and and alot of effort into it..for some reason i liked the first 20 sec the most...
by the way..are you using REASON? or FL ?

Not another one...

Well, you have to do what you have to do. You and Milkman_Dan are 2 of the best out here on Ng, it's just a shame that it has to end but then again, all good things come to an end.

I have to say that i love the percussions in this track and the flute. I think the song kind of ended so suddenly. I mean right after the sleigh bell, i could have gone for another round :D

Ah man what else can i say, i hope you will get to read this one day. I just wanted to say thank you, honestly, thank you. Because of you and all the reviews that you gave me, it made me feel good about my music. It made me persevere and not give up. And today i can say that i have really improved because of you and others like you.

One day, i'm only dreaming here, one day i might become as good as you are right now and then i will say, "hey maestro come check my audio" XD

Seriously man, thanks again!

But not even this song is worthy of your name.

This has your style written all over. It reminds me of the first of your songs that I've heard. It gets me thinking about heroes on the battle front duking it out for their Kingdom.

Since it's your Requiem, I'll give it a 10/10 although normally I'd give it a 9.5/10. You still could have done a tinsy bit more to make it sound different than your past works. But that doesn't really matter, that's just why I didn't give u 10 originality.

Keep on keepin' on!

MaestroSorrow responds:

I probably could have Rythim_Man, i'm not going to sit here and say "This is AS GROOD AS ITT GLETS!"

No, no song is perfect, and no song can cause a monoply. This was all in my earlier style, because I didn't just stop submitting Rythim_Man, I also felt like I had killed a part of myself that day. It is not easy, but was necessary, so that I may live once again. Thanks for the review Rythim_Man, means a lot to me.

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Jun 26, 2006
8:11 PM EDT
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