Temple Distraught

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This is my entry for the a.i.m. audio contest 2012 based on Captain Carrion's work.

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Nice!! I like this!

Hmm...considering it's an 8-bit piece and the overall feeling...this captures more of a battle of some sort rather than thr art piece itself. Overall this is off to an ok start, the mixing is good as well as the instruments, but I feel it could use more variation and something that hooks you harder. Also, it's a bit short. Not bad but needs work.

SourJovis responds:

It's not an 8-bit piece. These are samples from real orchestra instruments. I think the art wasn't 8-bit either, though it was pixel art. It looked more like 16-bit (probably more bit) to me, if you should express it in bits. I planned to capture the pixels by making it something synthetic, that could be from a 16-bit console like the snes or sega genesis, but sounded still like an orchestra, because I thought an orchestral piece would better fit the medieval setting and feel of the art. But these 16-bit sounds sound better with electronic songs, and an obviously fake orchestra usually doesn't sound as good as an actual one, so I just went with a more realistic sound. I tried to capture the pixels by making it staccato. The song consists of short notes, like the artwork is build from tiny blocks. It conveys the feeling I get by seeing the art. It's probably very personal. It doesn't sound like a battle theme to me. More like a song leading up to a battle theme. Like heroes flying towards the Temple Distraught or whatever. It may need more work that's true. I started working on adaptations after the deadline, but this upload doesn't have any updates, because that would be cheating. I'll think about ways to improve the song. Thanks for the review.

Really interesting rhythmic interplay you have going on here. I'm counting this as being in 5/4, or at least some sort of asymmetrical meter. Is that right? If it is in 5, I like how the snare accents an unusual pattern with syncopation. I've never heard 5 being played out quite like that. Kudos on the rhythmic originality!

That said, here are some other opinions.

-The choir(?) could come up in volume. I think it adds a nice color to the texture and would like to hear it more clearly.
-As a whole, I think this piece would benefit from more dynamics and careful velocity editing. The part starting around 1:24 feels particularly robotic, with every single hit sounding the exact same in terms of loudness. It's a cool idea rhythmically, but it sound so mechanical to me that it is unpleasant. I have a hard time distinguishing the beat pattern.
-I liked the ending very much except for the gong(?) at the very end.

Some good ideas here, but they could be executed a little better. Keep 'em coming! :)

SourJovis responds:

Thanks! It's indeed a 5/4 meter.

I finished this right before the deadline, so I thought I wasn't allowed to make any edits after that. I have made a new version though that I've uploaded as a loop. It doesn't have the gong as an ending, I didn't like that too much either. Works better as a loop. the part starting at 1:24 also has some more velocity variation. Could do with a bit more variation I guess. I can improve more on the new version. I'll take into account the things you've said. Increase the choir in volume. I think I'll add a piano and a harp as well. Thanks for the advice.

I love the melody played by the violins, it fits very well and come in very nicely. The drums ostinato is very powerfull to. The ending is very cool to. Very cool piece!

SourJovis responds:

Thank you! I appreciate the comment!

Very interesting work. Looking forward for more similar works to this.

SourJovis responds:

Thank you. I think I will make something similar to this one day. Or that depends how you describe similar, because I try to do something different every time. I will always make music the way my mind thinks it should be, so I will eventually make something like this. I guess.

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