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We like to do every possible style of hip hop, except mainstream stuff with way too much bass and shit. That said, this is a death rap, Madness by Balance off A New Hope

Samples taken from the movie Taxi Driver.
First Verse : Phantom Weight
Second Verse and Beat : Timmy Wadap
Third Verse : Chris Bruno
Forth Verse : The Toubadour

First Verse :
You best be duckin quick,
I got your skull on a stick,
you gettin butchered to bits,
and fuckin fed to the pigs,
you a product of incest,
i got a 44 mag,
and you rockin a thin vest,
infect you with a sickness,
im here to do the devils work,
nail you to a crucifix,
your rhymes are
weak and stale son,
my microphone pops,
like a mothafuckin rail gun,
limbs don't grow back,
you aint expect a full mag,
now you presumed
to rock a toe tag
expect the automatic,
to be sprayin cold heat,
chills down your spine,
you pussies got cold feet,
i got a 12 gauge pump,
hidden under the trenchcoat,
throw you off a church,
and impale you on fence post,
bullets 50 caliber
rippin like a vulchers talons
clawin at your cortex,
fuckin with ya sense of balance,
calice covered knuckles
fuckin rock you in the teeth,
the phantom here to
take your first born seed,
and place a plague on the weak.

Second Verse : (Finnish, no translation right now.)

Third Verse :

Never call it feather weight,
phantom weight
we devastate,
make the mic
just levitate
so take a break
for satans sake,
the devil smokes
a blunt to this,
so drink a fifth
and make a wish,
fuck with chris
you catch the plague,
and in a cage
youll sit for days,
your bodies,
chopped up properly,
its underneath
your property,
you callin me
a monstrocity,
but i dont see you stopping me.

"I bet you really think I'm sick right? You think I'm sick?"

Im throwin educated punches,
gettin boxed like fuckin lunches,
when my shiny hammer crunches,
and my saw leaves you in bunches,
in my barn a secret farm,
my piggies love to feast on you,
every piece down to your peesh,
ill starve them for a week or two,
my gatling shoots,
the shotgun pumps,
find your parents
in the dump,
these pussy punks
in life they flunk,
they shoulda ducked
but now theyre fucked,
theyre bodies found in two its true,
my victims run like bunnies do,
next to you the reaper waits,
but you wont see no fuckin gates.

Forth Verse :

When I roll up with the hatchet,
you're catchin it in the grill,
wieldin weapons like its magic,
im passionate when i kill
your blood will be spilled,
on the corner in the deep night,
sickening silouette,
of the maestro,
under the steet light.
You smell the back woods,
you're bookin backwards,
in retreat,
your body armors obsolete,
defeated with your head,
on the cement bitch,
i am relentless,
talk shit and get hit,
man youre in the pit,
underneath the pendulum,
til the blade slips,
and slits the cerebelum,
tried to tell em
but they wouldnt listen,
the 45 has got you
in a tough position
got you wishin,
you wasnt in debt,
to the angel of death,
show no respect
and get no mercy,
end up in the hearse G
Until the sun burns out,
im livin like a savage,
until the judgement day
arrives and rips me
from the madness

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Jun 21, 2013
12:59 PM EDT
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