Clab2013 Hype, Faggot

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Clabtrap 2013 hype track. Not for the easily offended. You fucking pussy.

Sitting in a black Acura bombing through traffic
Yo I should've sat passenger, I'm in the back and
Tim's speeding through the highway, high off his ass
and I say, "We're gonna die!" but he's smiling, laughing
and driving so fast, Sam's fuckin' seizing and crying
'cause this trip to Taco Bell's a stupid reason for dying
And we'd probably rot in hell for the sins we've committed
I'm like, "Timmy, you idiot! You need to stop now!"
He dropped down from sixth gear to first!
We heard the 'pop!' sound, then Tim steered & swerved
Damn near hit the curb, he turned and started skiddin'
and hit a retarded kid! The minute we got out
I sit on the hot ground, going "What've you done?!
We're under the gun, you just murdered somebody's son!
You're already on probation for 83 counts of rape
and for taking that lady's baby, you're so bumbling dumb!"
He fumbled his thumbs, not giving a shit
Said, "This isn't as bad as the last kid that I hit."
"What is it you don't get?! You ran over Mr. Chromosomes!
Homie, yo, we're going to prison for this!"
So we examined how the body was and should we just leave it
and Sam got up outta shotty while he's looking defeated
and man, I just want to dip! But what about the kid?
Tim looked over and he told me, "Homie, we gotta eat it!"
Sam vomited, I was poppin' Klonopin
'cause the problem he got us in stunk worse than the body did
And God, it's bitter, regardless we all just bit in
And swallowed a hollow gristle of chunk of meat of retarded kid
Then started dippin' but we needed a ride
So we walked, hitchin' and sticking to the street on the side
Most all people would flee the scene as soon they'da seen us
But then a blue painted Prius came up and offered to slide
With no idea I was carrying heat
I pulled my gun out, his heart had started varying beat
"You got one second before I pump led 'till your blood's shedding,"
but he was screaming! I left him bleeding right there in the seat
And shoved his body in the trunk of the car
Then kept truckin', because we made it fuckin' this far
So like any honest, logical, responsible citizen
We got all our shit up in it then got drunk at a bar!



Fuckin dope. Awesome track. 83 counts of rape had me laughing off.

Nice track but, I don't see it as a hype track!

A fine tale, but no mention of Clabtrap (aside from the title)?

the fuck does this even have to do with clabtrap? i hope i personally get to battle you and insult you and your family's name. amen

Gambitandshit responds:

What are you talking about? You dense motherfucker. Clearly this is very relevant to Clabtrap.

It shows everyone that I'm not afraid to murder retards like you.

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Jun 20, 2013
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Hip Hop - Modern
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