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Max Bingo Fight(TrapStep)

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Author Comments

This track is a mix of rap,trap and dubstep all at once bringing you interest feels of my personal bass thanks you for listening hope you liked :D


Damn son.

This is some pretty sick shit my friend. Here's a few pointers I could give:

I love the craziness, the dissonance gets to be a little bit much at times but that's not necessarily a bad thing, just my personal prefference. There were a few points where the song would break(the beat would drop, I don't know the exact term for it) and that got a little bit repetative I feel, so maybe use less drops or make them a little more different(i.e. drop the beat halfway through a measure and pick it up halfway through the following measure instead of doing it right on the start/ end of a measure). The mixing is also a little iffy; There are parts where it's really hard to hear something in the back of the mix, and it'll come a little more into the light as a few of the other tracks drop off, and then it's fine, but until you can hear it fully it kind of sounds like a fly buzzing in the background of your song and detracts from the overall sound, so I'd recommend maybe taking some of the leading tracks down in the mix just a little bit. Mixing's a whole other monster though, overall I'd say keep doing what you're doing, you've got some good ideas.

Oh dear lord this is certainly different.

The Good:
-I like how the synth at the beginning has a slightly confusing rhythm which is pretty interesting. It almost seems like it's a bit faster than the tempo.
-Somewhat original idea, genre-combination is pretty cool.

The Not-So-Good:
-Oh man, the mixing gets REALLY muddy very quickly after 0:13. The high-hats are extremely loose and cause some mud from the long decay time. The kick is also very indistinct.
-Transition at 1:13 seems fairly awkward, it disrupts the flow.
-The wobbles aren't very dubsteppy. There's not enough of a sub-bass due to the loose drums, and they have far too much treble.
-There's a lot of off-key sound at about 1:49 and on in the higher synth. It's clear at about 2:14 - this is out of tune with the rest of the chords.
-This needs a lot of levelling work, some of the instruments stick out far too much while other ones are pushed far to the back.
-Transition at 2:43-3:06 seems really out-of-place. After that is more off-key sound.

Overall: There's a lot of off-key sound, the mixing is very muddy particularly because of the drums, and levelling needs quite a bit of work. While there's a good idea behind it and some cool sounds/synths, they need to be put together a bit better. If you haven't had any experience with music theory, it's generally a good idea to at least know the scales and chords. For mixing, try to keep frequencies away from each other, and remember that loose drums can overflow into other parts of the mix.


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Great intensity and ideas, but there are some quirks that make it a bit rough around the edges: those transitions are jarring, to put it mildly, and some of the sound choices are a bit strange...I just wish that there was a punchy, attack-heavy snare or clap to go with that white-noise cymbal thing that's through most of the backbeats.

This is awesome! I may be mistaken, but the chant you have in the beat, is the from a sample pack called Big White Chants, by any chance? I have something that sounds exactly the same. :P Anyway, love this tune, man!

I don't really like dubstep, but I dont mind this song. I actually like it. I love the drum beats, the synths, all the instruments you created. I like how your drum beats have vocals, I never heard that before. I think you need to work on the transitions. The problem with your transitions is that they don't really exist. It just goes from one part of the song to the next. If this was intentional for this kind of music, then ignore what I said about the transitions.

MrKle1n responds:

Thanks you very much i aprecciate honest reviews and opinions

certainly with tips ill keep that in mind thanks again bro :D

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4.19 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2013
1:40 PM EDT
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