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Jun 15, 2013 | 6:03 PM EDT
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Hip Hop, Rap, R&B - Hip Hop - Olskool

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Rest in Power off of a New Hope by Balance,
First verse: Phantom Weight
Second verse : T. Rads
Third Verse: Mista Maestro aka the Troubadour
Beat: Timmy Wadap
Chorus Jessica Valton

Chorus Lyrics :
I dont think you'll ever realize,
What it's like,
when i say,
your name.

And I dont think
youll ever realize,
My path, when I
walk these plains.

Gimme Strength,
and gimme hope.
And watch these
angel wings unfold

The story goes,
left untold,
now its written,
upon my soul.

First Verse : Phantom Weight (Me)

What are we waitin for?
This is why we came ain't it?
The canvas is empty and
it's our turn to spray paint it.
Swollen emotions to broken bones,
Million dollar mansions to mobile homes,
situation may be different,
but we all composed of chromosomes,
show your soul,
with vocal tones,
hidden behind a poker face,
deception is relative,
backstabbed me
with her shoulder blade,
no escape.
Executioner waits,
adjacent with the axe,
ready to bury that.
and it might be your time,
handed lemons from life,
learnin lessons
through struggle and strife,
til you discover the light.
face your fright,
the choice is yours,
Will your voice be heard?
or will you sit and reminisce,
on what you missed but you deserved?
sheep in the heard,
smite the shep-ard,
light the match,
and watch it burn
now run.
and dont ever look back,
now you've got,
something to die for,
someone to lie for,
the only design flaw,
was time was cut short,
(and i know) by the breathe
in my chest,
and the look,
on the moons face,
that each twist of fate,
could be shapped
like clay,
get your suitcase
and bounce.


Second verse : T. Rads

We lived in our different places,
we've taken our different paths,
you say you love me,
you gave birth to me i gotta ask,
do i still bring a smile to ya face?
when you think of me?
I just needed that love,
from my mom she abandoned me
no sympathy but,
Never looked back,
never looked at,
a single sign,
as im walkin wit my back pack,
daily fights,
and i stayed up nights,
and i cry never wonderin,
who was right,
and i wish,
it could all be over,
closed my eyes,
just cause im a soldier
look at this world as we
gettin older
17 years,
its been on my shoulders,
in power and in peace,
and as we speak we can start,
the marchin of hearts on thru the street,
make me wonder why,
and i cover eyes,
they say no one in heaven cries,
well i wish i was immortal,
cause they say these legends never die
force in the course of the game,
got the ability to change this thing,
and die and rise above it,
40 fuckin carot angel wings,
is it worth the life you could lose?
i cant really find another way,
i am not concered with what these
people think or stupid things they say.


Third Verse : Troubadour

No one ever said that,
life would be fair,
forget about an easy chair
ill keep my despair,
tucked deep,
beneath my hockey hair,
the wear and tear
on the bones and gristle
was easy to dismiss,
stuck in the middle with you,
i could sit down and scribble,
a few thoughts,
and never really get my point across
but maybe i could riddle,
something little and simple
keep it as a symbol,
that reminds me of the truth.
what good would it do?
its a double edged sword,
the silence works
just as well as words
and i dont want feelings suppressed,
i also dont wanna bitch,
like im the only one,
whose ever dealt with death
this wretched flesh
the clouds dressed,
is better left alone
thoughts sorrow,
laid in, better days tomorrow,
im gonna gain from loss,
flood the valley of death,
and swim across.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It would have been nice to follow the rap...
Maybe put the words on the page..

PhantomWeight1 responds:

I can write out the lyrics if you like, give me a couple minutes. i appreciate the listen tho man.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice, just wondering is this a band or a mix of different songs? confused :P

PhantomWeight1 responds:

This is me and my buddies group Balance. The beats are produced by Teemu Toivanen (Sometimes by The Troubadour [third verse] as well), or Timmy Wadap, my dude from Finland, he spits too, he just happens to not have done a verse on this track but there will be more with him on it. Anyways, we made a group together (Balance) and everyone in this song is a part of it except the kid who did the second verse, T. Rads. I met him a couple months ago through work and we made a couple songs together too.

I appreciate the listen tho man, it means a lot!