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.Single Step.

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Everyone has their first step in life. Some people, such as me, take their first step again. Everytime we fall, we are ready to take a new step.


This is a very nice piece. The melodic line combine with the harmony is beautiful. I really don't understand the star rating on this site. Some junk gets 5 stars and nice music like this gets 1 star. That's bullshit. Anyway, one other thing about your piece is that I don't feel like it ends. Is it just a part of a piece?

Right off the bat, I must say that this piece has a good sense of chords and melody. You've at least nailed these two foundations.

But this is where it all ends, unfortunately. I have a number of issues with this piece.

1) You uploaded this piece as a loop, when it sounded like either a finished piece or a work in progress. There was no seamless loop. And for 1'18", it's really, really short and could stand for a LOT MORE expansion.

2) The piano could do with some extra reverb. It needs body, especially for those sections where the piano comes in on its own.

3) The strings sound ethereal, but they sound more like backing to a more pulsing buildup. There's very slow attack, which really doesn't help the piece's atmosphere too much.

4) And finally, my BIGGEST point of contention: BUILDUP. All the points I have mentioned just now have led to this. This song is about a single step, a new beginning. A single step should lead to more, shouldn't it? That piano did suggest a single step, but there wasn't much buildup to suggest running, leaping steps from that point onwards, which is what every human heart yearns for.

Pulsing specato strings (and I mean all orchestral strings) can start to kick in when you're illustrating the next step. And then, full orchestra. But more importantly, a climax and a proper ending. This ending sounded like, "kthxbai". Not a very good first step now is it? You could keep the solo piano in the ending once the climax is over, to resolve the piece, but you don't want to leave the music hanging like you did here.

Pieces like these are meant to uplift listeners, and I think you and I know that too well. And in terms of uplifting, this piece could've done *so much more*, it really hurts.


gridcrawler responds:

Constructive criticisms like this are extremely rare, at least for me. Thank you for taking your times to write them. All the things you said are right and I have no objection, at all.

Took note, this will be my priority of fixing this month. Thanks again.

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Jun 15, 2013
1:56 PM EDT
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