Anthem (wip)

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patience I promise song will be done soon! keep your fingers crossed for me that it will be good!
Please leave a comment might help me forward :)

update! 2013 07 17!!

The song is complete!

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/543182

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At the start it felt like i was arising from heaven.
It felt so, Good.... I love trance, there are so many songs that make me feel..
Like amazed. Good section of that amazing melodies.
Building up into amaze.
Then that trance beat was like "I'm here to spice some stuff up!"
Amazing song. One of my favirotes. 5/5

Alrighty, trance review time! Here goes nothing.

The Good:
-The mixing is typically clean, which is nice. There's no clipping causing any particular problem.
-The instruments are pretty nice, they're very relaxing on the ears.
-The chord progression is another good point about this, it's quite relaxing. I'm going to guess that was the intention, but all the same it's very nice.
-That's a really good buildup to 2:20.

The Not-So-Good:
-Okay, now we're getting into the painful stuff. There is no melodic development whatsoever. It would sound much better if the melody changed even a little bit. One theme can only take you so far, and while the overall sound is fairly good, there needs to be a little bit of variation.
-Buildups consisting of nothing but sidechained white noise such as at 0:29 don't particularly sound very good when they have nothing to back them up.
-The filter sweeps at 0:55 and 1:23 aren't very well-executed. The first doesn't have enough strength behind it, and the second is barely noticeable unless you're specifically analyzing the piece.
-The mix gets fairly stressed and muddy at times such as 2:00-2:18 and 2:20-3:14.

Overall: Good for EDM, issues are mainly a severe lack of variation and some transition issues. I know it's a work-in-progress (otherwise I would have said that the ending SUCKS), and that the final piece is finished, but here's what you requested for a review, so here's what you're getting.


TerraNation responds:

thanks for ur input but the song is completed, Universe anthem..

i love the build in the beginning! it sounds really good! :D

TerraNation responds:

Thanks :) iworking hard to get it done :)

Yeah, man...pretty epic. The build was maybe a little bit too long (2:30 before the kick drops the first time??) but I guess you're just operating on a grand scale here! I love all the sounds and the general mix, though.

TerraNation responds:

yea i working on it, almost getting there few elements that needs to be changed :)

Wow coming from you Terra this is pretty epic. Best work of your I have seen in years! Keep it coming!!!

TerraNation responds:

thanks mate itry get it done :=)

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Jun 14, 2013
12:40 AM EDT
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