Born Stars

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`````````````````````some thing with phosphorusprocedure beat that's amaaaaazing isn't it```````````````````````



i'm a guru i'm complex
i hold the systems in balance i'm complex convex
i make tracks blessed with a high procedure mind chequered with a blighting fever blind as a bat
even though i have descended past the dungeon doors
mass appeal crass checkin past the doors
i'm more like a blend of high-tech and a mixture of hi-def and lo-fi and then break your neck
in a second i have two poles of mood
i'm happy and then i'm rude, i'm crass and i'm rude again, i speak back tracking like metroid
and i don't have a flow
i don't have to flow
i'm so easy
i come back and use previous rhymes i'm complex
i'm a guru i'm complex convex i am blessed with a high procedure mind chequered, so eager to please and i'm more than easy with these beats
phospho, i'm complextro like hip hop bistro yes

heavenly persuasion, heresy complacent of facts, drafts a crusade thus, Jason Bateman
too much for the true ones we two dutch and we viewed such,
the strangest inhalations with the new lunch loose touch
we out there beyond the stars
beyond the broads we balling going straight to Mars
but my polished boggling talkings departing beyond ours
We are the born stars, we are the born stars, we are the born stars, we are the born stars


not bad

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

ur not bad either :)

Man, I didn't realize the track had such a martian vibe to it until you had that echo on your voice in the intro and it sounded like you were in space. It fit really well, though. I can't imagine it was an easy beat to rap over, since there was so much shit going on in the track. But alas, lots of big words and polysyllabic type shit. Good shit, man.

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks you're too kind. your beat helped make my voice sound better.

i wanted to go for a Shabazz Palaces kind of feel, but my voice is too wimpy. i wish i could have a good mc voice but i don't lol, so i make up for it with using silly effects like pitch-up and sidechained reverb/delay lol


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Jun 12, 2013
11:16 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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