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Fanfare of Death

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Ahh... back to writing music for fun. For some reason, this piece reminds me of some of my earlier stuff, although it's a lot more complex. For some reason, this makes me think of Wagner meeting Bosa and having a party with a bunch of brass instruments.

Feel free to write down any feelings or thoughts you have on the piece, or constructive critique. Note that this is really more of a fun piece than anything serious, and no, it isn't expected to be played... nor made any longer.

Made using EWQL Symphony Orchestra Gold and Finale 2012 (don't ask me how I manage to do it through all the crashes and fun like that). Took about a hour or so to write.


This song sucks. All the arrangements are out of place. It's too short and stupid. I hope you die in fire.

samulis responds:

That's nice. :)

Tel M0le and Waffle I said hi and that your new collab sounds lovely!

That was guys! Much more upbeat that I expected, full of adventure! Great work!

samulis responds:

OH MAH GERD I GOT A 5 FROM PETERSATERA!!!!!! Life = almost as complete as the time Bosa gave me a 5! (sorry)

For some reason, everyone finds this upbeat even though it's full of minor chords and dissonance... no idea. Thanks for listening. :)

Only an hour? Well done. Definitely Futurama for a moment in the beginning but still an interesting piece. For some reason I think of Star Wars when I listen to it. The sounds of celebration or something along those lines..

samulis responds:

I'll be honest, I've never heard the intro to futurama... I'll have to go listen. XDD

I'm glad you liked it. The Star Wars feel is probably because Williams borrowed quite a bit from people like Wagner, who I attempted to include in my style with this piece- things like rapid triplets and rhythms utilizing triplets, especially with horns.

I always love the clarity in the sounds of instruments in your pieces. The tonal characteristics and melodically everything is so perfect but I wish it was long ALTHOUGH for a trailer it is wonderful.

samulis responds:

Yeah, it's only a fanfare, not a full work. :)

Oddly enough, the very first few seconds made me think of Futurama. That kinda leaned me into thinking "TV show" for the rest of the piece. It definitely seems like one of those opening titles kind of tracks for a "knights and dragons" type of show. Definitely sounds like you had fun making this. Oh, and I googled EWQL Symphony. 99 dollars?! You can sound that good for 99 dollars? If anyone finds a suitcase in the wild containing 200 grand, I hope it's you.

samulis responds:

Lol nah, that's the small version. I use Gold- it's about 200 or so.

The type of intro you heard is very common to many songs these days, cliche, if you will. I hear ya on the TV show thing... lol, I don't know why, but it sounds true to me, almost like a game show or something. XD

Thanks for listening! :)

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Jun 6, 2013
12:17 AM EDT
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