Lover's Lament

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Long time no music! This is my entry for the first round of the NGMT. The challenge was "Simple" meaning you could use a maximum of four instruments. The theme was "Monochromatic world", a world in which no color exists.

I envisioned this song as a scene between two lovers who have been torn apart. The woman calls, the man returns with his lament, and it ends with the two singing their sad song together. It's a black and white picture in my mind.

The two instruments used here are harp harmonics (EWQL), and a live recording of me playing double bass. Please excuse the intonation issues, I'm still getting my chops back!


Two words..

Mesmerisingly beautiful.

bassfiddlejones responds:

Aw, thanks etherealwinds!

BFJ, this was a very interesting composition. The bass has such a dreary tone. It represents the darkest of the colors, while the harmonic harp represents the lighter end of the visual spectrum. Great acoustic boomy-ness. The harp was so percussive, as such it was the only thing that took away from the piece in my opinion (verses the low legato double bass passages). I heard the intonation problem come to light around 2:50. If I'm not mistaken, I voted for your track and as such was happy that you made it to third place. The fact that you recorded a live instrument really set you apart from the other composers. Great work, I really look forward to enjoying more of your tracks.


bassfiddlejones responds:

Thanks frootza! I really enjoyed writing this piece. There's something freeing about limiting yourself to only a few instruments. The harp was probably a bit percussive because I used the harmonics. Thank you very much for your vote, I appreciate it greatly!

Hey Bass! Congrats on getting 2nd/3rd in the first round of NGMT! This song is very indeed simple. In my opinion you chose the perfect instruments to create a monochromatic theme. That muted plucked harp in the beginning is exactly what monochromatic is to me. Very nice double bass playing might I add! It's too bad you weren't able to brag about that in the voting because I'm sure you have gotten a few more votes for live playing. You pointed out the intonation issues, but there were only a few times where it came up, and it didn't really bother me too much to the rest of the piece. I know the the contest was to make it simple, but maybe it would have been cool to hear another instrument in there to change it up a bit. Maybe throw in some piano chords on it's own. I feel like it's repetitive, but in a way where the entire pieces dynamics or ideas don't change enough. Nonetheless, this piece is a great representation of the monochromatic theme. Great playing and great composing. A well worthy 2nd/3rd place! Great work!


bassfiddlejones responds:

Hey man! Thanks for the review. I'm glad the monochrome theme really came across. I was indeed hoping for a few more votes, but I'm very happy with the piece and my placing! I probably could have added some more variation, but was going for as simplistic as possible. Glad you liked the piece man, thanks again!

Nice work! Having a "real" instrument played always adds a lot more to a piece, the intonation issues aren't that noticeable really, it makes it sound more real :) nice work on only using 2 instruments too!

bassfiddlejones responds:

Thank you! I do enjoy some live bass, glad my mistakes aren't too noticeable. Maybe if I ever have time (yeah right) I'll rerecord a few parts. Thanks for the review!

Someone who would easily notice the intonation issues and further comment on it, must be the creator. :) After listening to everyone's submissions countless times, I'm still happy with this as my vote.

I didn't imagine black and white, personally, but more of a monochromatic red. When the harp harmonics combine with the bass, there is a definite lightening of the red. As for why the color red? Emotion. This one was filled with it - and aah it's so beautiful. Other than that, I can't explain why red came to mind instead of any other color. (I suppose now that it's revealed it had to do with love, well...)

I also didn't imagine the harp representing the woman and the bass representing the man-- What I saw was, in the beginning, a light, fading red, and the bass by itself, a deep, dark red. When they combine in the third segment, the shades continue to decrease and increase, back and forth, in lightness. This is my definition of monochromatic, in its strictest sense. However, it's nice to have a story to go along with it, like you provided above :)

In my opinion, this piece is one of the best examples of a visual concept being applied to an aural one. I posted a similar comment on SkyeWintrest's mock submission, as yours and his do really well with the theme, at least in my eyes. Or rather, ears.

Very beautiful playing of that double bass, by the way. How long have you been playing?

Can't wait to hear your second and third pieces! ^^

bassfiddlejones responds:

Yes, I probably see more mistakes than good things sometimes, haha. Thank you for the vote, I appreciate it greatly! I really enjoyed your comments here, knowing that I've conveyed some emotion or story is what makes music worth doing for me a lot of the time. And I guess I've been playing double bass for... man, 8 years now. Though, I haven't been actively studying it for the last 4 or 5 years, just playing on and off. Thank you again for the review/vote! I liked your piece a lot as well, it came close to getting my vote!

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