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Time - Clabtrap 2013 Hype

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Here is my hype track for the 2013 Clabtrap tournament. Time's up!

(Verse 1)
Time is what I need and I really need it now, bout to show the competition what the fuck I'm all about. Entering this tourney has been a long time coming, just waited 'till the time was right, now the time has COMETH! So you better watch your motherfuckin' back cuz the Vinstigator's back, and he's entered Clabtrap. A few years back, before it was Clabtrap, I was invited to compete hand picked to battle rap. i wasn't ready... knew it wasn't time so I had to tell Red "invitation is declined". Offered to judge so I could study competition, thought in a few years I would be on a mission. If I could go back and change the hands of time, I wouldn't change a damn thing cuz now's the time to shine! Here's where we start the story and begin the journey and the rise of Vinstigator, winner of the fuckin' tourney...

Time... time...
(My time to shine)

Time... time...
(Time's up motherfuckers)

Time time...
(Countdown's tickin' down now)

Time... time... all I need...

(Verse 2)
Timing is the key... gotta learn when to strike, gotta learn when to fold, gotta learn when to fight! Like the game of Poker, gotta play your cards right. If you got a Royal Flush then you better do it right! Came too far so now get your bags packin', y'all can stick to weak rappin', while I get to Clab Trappin', cuz the only thing happen... is me winning the competition, told you motherfuckers Vinstigator's on a mission! Hear it in my voice? Don't you know that I'm serious? If you doubted me before, then you really reconsider this. Don't believe the hype? Then listen to my last battles! Veterans give me props while you lookin' like an asshole! I need this win... more than any damn song. Got to shut these haters up and prove the motherfuckers wrong. I'm fightin' to the death and I'm never backin' down, it's my time to shine, time to take the fuckin' Crown!

Time... time...
(My time to shine)

Time... time...
(Time's up motherfuckers)

Time time...
(Countdown's tickin' down now)

Time... time... all I need...

To all you motherfuckers out there... in the Clabtrap Tournament... time's up...

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* This is an official 2017 NGUAC review *

Yeah, the meta one! This was a fun one. On to specifics...

Mixing, mastering and production: No massive weaknesses here, but bits and bobs and small things.
The main thing that jumped out at me is vocal quality. With a hip hop song, the vocals are so, so key. They carry the song, they're such a big part of everything. The vocals in Time were mixed fairly solidly, but the raw quality of them could have been higher. This is likely something to improve with your mic, your vocal preamp, and your recording setup. It would have been nice in Time if the vocals had a bit more bass and were a bit louder. Ultimately, you want to make them more full. This isn't to say that they weren't clear; I could hear every word clearly. But something to note. The little bits in the verses were the vocals were doubled for potency could have been panned further out. I could hear what you were trying to go for, but if you stack 3 vocal layers all within 10% pan of each other, it's not going to make much of a difference. Pan those doubled tracks out to 30% on either side or so and you'll really hear them.
There were some little bits of volume balance I think could have been improved. Just nitpicky stuff: a little bit more bass would have worked well; the flute synth in the verses was a bit too loud in the right ear; the hi-hats were a hair quiet; the female vocals in the chorus were a little too intrusive, being decently loud and panned completely to the right and left ear.
As I said, all this is little, nitpicky stuff so don't be too discouraged. Generally speaking the mix was decent, there are just little things to improve.

Composition: Basically a real solid hip hop song.
Let's talk about the main thing, melody. Good flow and good editing at the beginning and ends of lines. Nice meta content haha, the callout track to other competitors. I'm pretty forgiving on grammatical sense to get the rhyme and flow right, but there were a couple moments that seemed a little lazy to me (If you doubted me before, then you really reconsider this, for example).
I liked all the instruments used, but I could've gone for a little more instrumental variety between the chorus and the verse. Just a couple subtle touches, adding some things in and beefing it up or stripping it down would have made a big difference.

Overall, pretty solid. Looking forward to what you come up with for next round!

Dude this is some good sh!t, Has a nice beat too, :)

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks man, glad you like it!

I like your music! It's really cool :)

Vinstigator responds:


Great work on this, man. The rhythm is perfect, and the words really strike a chord with me. Good luck in your future endeavors, man.

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Really liked this, we would like to use this song as a background track for our YouTube video! We have 1,700+ Subscribers, and of course we would place appropriate links in the description and promote you to our social media following! Let us know if you give us permission!

Vinstigator responds:

You can use ANY of my songs for your videos! You got my full permission. I'm working on another song similar to "Time" that I'm sure you will like! Link me to the vid when you're done! Can't wait to see it!

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Jun 1, 2013
8:34 AM EDT
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