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I found out though my friend Real Faction about this competition, A.I.M, I really loved the concept of making music inspired by art and I instantly dived into the ocean of art here on Newgrounds. I stumbled upon this piece called Discordant by Elenie Chung and melodies started building in my head almost right away.

(Edit: original art is now removed from newgrounds)

So I first got the melody for the chorus in my head and then I got the idea of making the whole song repetative, soothing and relativly long to get the listener immersed into the song. When I look at this image, I see the girl is deep within her own mind. So I see the things around her, the dog, the doves and the ocean with the octorpuss outside the window, as her imagination.

So this is also the theme in the lyrics, of how nice and warming it can be to just be inside your own head for a while without sleeping. But still when these daydream like moments comes you are somewhere in betwean being awake and asleep.

I had a lot of fun making this one, i wanted to mix real guitars with synthesizers, and I used a leslie effect for the falcetto notes to give them more character and also a kind of underwater feeling.

Song made with Reason 6.5.


I Look through the glass at my world.
See everything I've seen and listen to all the things that I've heard.
My sight is washed away and my head is all I know.

My vision fades away, breath to feed my brain my mask is off.
When drifting through the ocean you're never lost, you're just going home.

I Look through the screen at my world.
See everything I havn't seen and listen to all the things that I havn't heard, mmh.
Well, it's kind of absurd, to be absorbed into nothing.
But I love to dissapear, to go blind and be submerged.

Reality's unknown, my head made a scrawny clone from bits of what it's shown
Using our own paints to fill the blank domains and think it's real
My vision fades away, breath to feed my brain my mask is off.
When drifting through the ocean you're never lost, you're just going home.

home, home, going home.
ocean, I'm heading home (X7)

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Sound: Sounds great!

Composition: Even if this song was a stand alone song, this track is excellent! I personally love how it was written and the lyrics to it.

Fit to Art: I think this piece really does fit the art paired with it really well. The lyrics convey very well the feel of the piece, and so does the overall vocal sound. Great job!

Originality: The track itself garners points for having lyrics written out that. However it's not a particularly novel sounding track either. Still no loss here!

Man...I absolutely love this piece. Takes me away to a deep journey of meditation and relaxation...really reminds me of some old music and yet, is something unique of it's own. It expresses such emotion...I really love this. It fits the picture perfectly with the whole concept that of a "daydream". This is really well mixed and beautifully written. It feels like also I'm watching a sunset in my mind. Very well done.

Cool song! I like the artwork you chose as well. This song fits the art too. The singing is slightly out of tune sometimes, but it's not annoying. Keeps it human and real. Very emotional.

Nice chill song man! You are one of the few that sings in their entries. As you do not suck at singing, so that goes as a plus in my book. And this fits very well to the art! I listened to all the entries and your song in my opinion is within the top 15 at least! good luck!

Awesome song. This entry has variety in it and it certainly has all the elements to win the contest. All the best :)

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4.96 / 5.00

May 29, 2013
5:49 AM EDT
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