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my rock concert

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Author Comments

im good at the bass fidle and punk too! bass: me, main: klangal, drums: albert (non member


Dude! This Rocks!

This is preety cool. Can you tell me how to download my music off of Punk-O-Matic?

rioross responds:

trade secret. naw, jk. i just used my computer's recording device.
i thank you for show respect for my work, unlike anybody else here.

this punk o matic song sucks

you are a fucking idiot, you post this shit and call it your own? Now im not pissed about you using the punk o matic song to make this peice of shit, im just saying that if you were going to use punk o matic, that you shouldnt suck so bad at it. My punk o matic song is the best, and my peice only took me a few hours. For it to take you so long to come up with this crap, man... that's sad. Mine is still, and always WILL be the best...

rioross responds:

and i doont apreciat you pissing of about my submition and going on to say that yours is better. i fucking doubt anyone, and even my can reproduce a sound the would be "better" than everything else.
fucking retard.


You are one of the biggest dumbasses Ive ever seen, why would u even TRY to submit sumthing off a website and call it your rock concert? That took no skill watsoever and next time you'd better not use PUNK o MATIC!!

rioross responds:

i did created it, so it can be called "mine". even though the original mixes are not mine.

aint happenin'

im not gonna come on here and blast you, but you can't possibly fool many people with this. It was obviously created with the Punk-O-Matic. quit saying you took time and effort to make it. you took time to re-arrange the different loops. little effort involved.

rioross responds:

effort indeed. i sat down with two of my best buddy and said this: "albert, im asigning you to work on the drums. klangal, your on the lead guitar." we each took our turn and put in our part to make a song. then we put it together and made some ajustments to how it sounded. it took two and a halfs day to get around to where it sounds today.


You are probably going to vote my stuff down becouse alot of imature people at NG do it when the truth is heard but i say what is needed to be said. Why did you steal this from punk o matic, are you well? Did somone drop you on your head? Are you mentaly challenged in some way? Well what ever it is, you steal and seem to think its ok, and think NO ONE on ng will be able to tell when for one. PunkOMatic is hosted on Newgrounds moron, so make your own music, you cant fool everyone in the world unless your a fucking geneouse, well are you? I dont think so you ignorent piece of shit.... Have a nice day, and make your own music. =P

~Feral Fox~

rioross responds:

well, for one you could have shortened it up.
i am not saying i did steal this from punkomatic, but can it really be exactly "stolen" if it has its own originality in the flow of the piece, how it is but together and how it sounds? even if the the music i maid was inspired and the idea came from punkomatic?
can this be called stolen if you cant find this exact piece on the punkomatic page?
tell me considering all that in mind, can you honestly say that i stole this song from the punkomatic page, that had already been created and composed by the punkomatic creater?

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1.76 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2006
10:10 PM EDT
File Info
1.8 MB
1 min 57 sec

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.