A Prison For Your Soul

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Elements of techno, trance, industrial, metal, and rap all combine in this epic ear-orgy. Try to keep up!

*EDIT I remixed and mastered this baby and got her sounding real good. To anyone who was turned off by the initial upload, I apologize. I was not paying enough attention.


This song is from the album A Prison For Your Soul (2013)

Let me tell you now what's it like for me, I wake
up, bake up, smoking half the tree, three
G's at least, till I feel the need for
green has been alleved, then I stop and EAT

Money money money money money money money money
Tea and honey, fridge is running, better catch it, full of money
Free and funny, be a dummy, kick a bag of Easter bunnies
Now breathe...

Balls to the wall for the cause, lead the hunt for the
needs of the many to fall before those of one, get your
gun, grab a lunch, steel plating in the truck, .50-
caliber mounted mini in the bed, you're fucked! You

better fucking hide, you better fucking run, you better fucking
ride with at least one on your side and your front or maybe
I'll be the one to surprise you with mine, that twenty-
two hollow-tip sized hole in your tongue!

Bitch, you ain't shit, I'll shit on you first, take
this? Fuck that, I ain't rolling in the dirt, that's
you with one in your shoe, one in your knee, bad
news, dude, I guess that you shouldn't have fucked with me

Maybe you think I'm a weakling
like you're some kind of street king
All I hear is your hand beating your
meat at me like I'm hungry, but I ain't eating

FAGGOT! I'm making this song, while smoking this bong and
dropping this bomb on your dome, from my home to your a-
partment, the Department of Armed Men is armed and we're
barging in and starting it with you and your bitch in the darkness
Revenge will soon unfold, rot you in the prison of your soul

Fucking groove now

Breaking it down like Rampage, building to building to palisade
Killing your children for hours and days, for powers to play with your hourly wage, you're
cowards in every way, but what am I saying? It's always the same, the name of the
game to fit in with the men in the television, not to sin, respect your government, fuck that

shit! They don't stand for you and me, they stand for
losers, for boozers, for food stamps and WIC babies, for
sick raping of the system, gaping holes in the laws that were thought of to ab-
solve us of lawless governmental intolerance, now

I say, "Fuck you, God!" and you jump on me, but I gotta
listen to your rules and stories imaginary? I ain't got the
time of day for you, but you keep on spinning, and
fucking up the world for us patrons of sinning!

Bitch, I'll kill any human who tries to step to me, just pull the
trigger till the chamber clicks, then whip out their teeth, don't give a
fuck unless your bitch gets tired of your three and wants an
eight in the A or the V, raw dog it and leave her on the street 'cause

all shits have been given, and they been given to you, and if you don't
like it, then I'll tell you right now what you can do, you can
take three fingers, multiply it by two, and shove them
all up in the orifice where you make your poo. Squirt some

super glue, there's stupid you with your hands up your ass, while I'm up
rapping, you'll be crapping like you ate a whole meth lab of glass, even though you're
doubled at the waist, balls in your face, you still got the nerve to observe my undeserving, preturbing
trace of apathy, laugh at me, why you laughing? Get your hands out your ass before you get all flabby haha

I bet it's getting old, rotting in a prison for your soul

Revenge is a dish best served
cold like a corpse, grow in reverse
Roll in a hearse, spitting gold in your purse
Bold since birth, and I'm older than the Earth, super-
natural occurance, shit, it ain't the first!
Oh, yeah!


Wow. lol. Nice.

LacesLawless responds:

Thanks! If you like rap, deathcore, dubstep, or any number of electronic genres, orchestral, jazz, or anything else I probably make it lol. Check out my channel on here and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised! And again, thanks for listening and commenting!

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May 8, 2013
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Hip Hop - Modern
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