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So I've been jamming to a lot of Tech N9ne here lately and it kind of inspired me to try that highly complex verse style he uses. I love it. I'm not sure if I quite got it perfect, but it's as precise as I could possibly get.

*EDIT The first file I uploaded SUCKED so this is the new, remastered, remixed, repaired version of Humans. Sorry about that


This song is from the album A Prison For Your Soul (2013)

You know me, I'm just a human being
nothing real special, grand, or all-seeing, but
fuck a buncha limits, blow out the ceiling, I got
friends in low places if you catch my meaning, and

I smoke fucking dandelions like a busy chimney
Marijuana makes me smarter, fuck you if you ain't with me
I make clouds and cough so loud and hotbox till we're dizzy
Dipping, toking, ripping, joking, god I love this indi-

ca! Here we go bro, this is it, just
give me that bowl and I'll flick my Bic, yeah we're
gonna take a trip to the moon real quick, and we'll
be back later if we can find where we live, 'cause man I got

lb's of the bee's knees, and it smells sweet and hella green
Hello, sir, that'll be fifteen, or twenty if you want that OG and it's
twenty-five for that Chemdawg because letting it go just saddens me, and
you ain't smoking no Ghost Train Haze 'cause that shit even flattened me!

CH// La la la la la la la la, la la la
I got some badass fucking marijuana
La la la la la la la la, la la la
Call me up bro, you know I got the ganja
La la la la la la la la, la la la
I got some badass fucking marijuana
La la la la la la la la, la la la
Come on, girl, you can smoke some if you wanna

Come on, get stupid, I got the
best shit like I done pooped it, got the
best weed and the best music, one hit
shit, you'll never confuse it, been breaking

bad, like I had to do shit to keep
straight when you faggots kept pushing, I've
become mother fucking ruthless, like a
toothless Deliverance lunatic with a

"Fuck you" look on my face all day, 'cause
that's how I roll in this day and age, I tried to
be your friend, you all pushed me away, so
here the fuck I go, going all the way, and you'll

look up soon and be kicking yourself, you'll
see my face on your grocery shelf, I'll be like
"Weedies, the breakfast of champions!" and
kids will be asking their parents for half of em

You have no idea what's coming
You have no idea who's running
I'm up here, and you down there, dumbing, I
hope you got yourself a real strong stomach

'cause I'm taking over the waves and radio
plays and all the J's I can smoke, like all the grass I can
graze, I'm milking you and all your friends for days
No other way for my bills to get paid

Yeah I got a day job slaving construction, but
every hour is one less hour to function, I'm
through wasting time, waiting for the junction
Throw the wheel left, now watch the hole I'm punching

Now watch the snitches I'm crushing
Now see the bitches I'm humping
Now get your tennis shoes running
cause Laces Lawless is coming!


Like coleslaw, I'm
so raw, you don't even
know, brah, but you can call me
Dovahkiin, mean, ready to go chop some

shits into bits with a knife and with this, I don't
even know what the fuck this thing even is, but it
looks like it slices through flesh real quick, work
smarter, not harder throwing corpses off the bridge

Dangerous, never painless, pay attention, bitch
Days in a closet'll wash your mind of that haterish shit, never
turn your lip in a tournament with a
tourniquette over your mouth, don't wanna hear that shit

I'm fucking CRAZY!! And YOU made me thus, I was just
fine till every fucking slut just wanted my nuts, wanted me to
bust one in their face every day from dawn until dusk, but I never
thought of myself as the husband type, I'm much too fucked up. So I'm

fine with being alone, I'm fine with being unknown, I'm fine with the
knowing that my own no-nonsense policy has robbed me of those
oddly retarded oddities called women who keep bothering me, not
all but just enough to turn me off towards monogamy, you feel?

But you
sexy sluts can still smoke with me if you wanna, ha!

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Good Job

OMFG! This is raw as hell! Sharing the shit outta this bro!

LacesLawless responds:

Hell yes sir. >:D I'm turning up the insanity knob.

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May 8, 2013
7:45 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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