Dark Hipster

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Hello everyone!
another week, another new song.
Don't ask me what a hipster is, idk.
Well, be sure to rate and review


Part of the album "Epic"


Catchy! The instrumentation's interesting here; nice mixture of synths and piano, along with the deep techno-drum. Like with your last one, the only criticism I have is the title (again, I'm one to talk, aren't I). The song sounds like it could be truly "dark", given the eery high leads, deep drum, and ambient background noise, but I feel the use of a heavy bass instrument(s) could have expanded the atmosphere to truly make this sound "dark". In fact I can't really hear too many "bass" instruments; I hear accompaniments, which are cool and only help the piece, but I feel a "chiaroscuro" effect could bring out the "darkness" you're presumably aiming for, and while you have the "chiaro" part, a bass would be essential in getting out the "scuro" part. Keep on keepin' on!

JQiscool responds:

Haha yeah i have gone on "title block" lately if you might say
thanks again!

On the best hotdog in the world.
That is what this is.


JQiscool responds:

hahah thanks!!!

I like the instruments and mood, but it didn't progress very fast. That guitar caught me off guard- I thought it was turning into a more energetic song, and then it got all dreamy again...you have a lot of different instruments and melodies in there. I feel like they could mesh together better, and the structure is a little fractured. What I mean by that is that it seems like a lot of isolated melodies right now. It needs more flow, just like most of your pieces, I'm afraid. Another thing you could do to make transitions smoother is play around with the drums. When the piece is getting more energetic, emphasize them more, and when it becomes more dreamy and atmospheric, slowly strip them away. I think part of it is that you're trying to do too much in one song, JQiscool. Maybe you could start a couple of projects in which you keep the notes and chords simple, and that way a lot of different instruments and melodies can mesh well together. The isolated parts in this piece are good, but how you fit them together needs to be more meaningful. I'm glad you've been posting so much recently, JQiscool. Another great way to improve is to just get your stuff out there! ;)

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JQiscool responds:

Wow really long!
Thanks for the suggestions and constructive criticism!

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May 3, 2013
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