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The Genocide (alternate)

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Cover of the song The Massacre by FantomenK


This is an alternate mix of the cover I made for the N G A P 10th Anniversary Contest!.


Original is here


Because I got the fifth place I received a lot of feedback from the judges Step, Buoy, SkyeWintrest and ZStriefel. They were overall positive, but the downsides I heard most were there was too much high frequencies, too little low, and too much distortion and compression. My music teacher Jan-Willem van der Graaf and fellow Newgrounds musician Wandschrank gave similar comments.

Personally I didn't mind, because I think the rumbling bass was a bit of a hype musicians depart from nowadays. (Compare the first Justice album to the second). High is the new low. So instead of the rumbling base of the original song I went for a screaming high. Perhaps I pushed it a little too far (complaints about painful ears occurred, and the distorted highs were compared to a frying pan), but I think it worked for this song, and gave a new fresh attention demanding sound.

But to show my gratitude towards the many comments I received, I give you an alternate mix for the faint of ear. One with more bass, less treble, less distortion, compression side-chaining etc. Because of this it's also less loud. "No gain no pain" (That's how I wanted to call this mix, "The Genocide (no gain no pain mix)" but it didn't fit in the title). I also changed the ending a little, because SkyeWintrest didn't like the looped sound (which I of course also did intentionally to give it more impact). Also I made the slap bass less detuned, and made several other minor changes.

Let me know which version you like best.

[Edit April 28th: Even more bass, less high. String break removed. Synth lead less bass to make more room for slap bass. Louder base and snaredrum. High hats slightly less loud. Intro less loud to make the part after less anticlimactic. More distortion on strings and orchestra hits because it needed it.]

[Edit April 29th: Placed the instruments further apart in terms of panning, to make a less cluttered sound (as ZStriefel called it). Put a detuner on the bass again, and made the sound wider, especially in the low end. Made the stereo imagers on the mastering more subtle to get a less smeared sound.]

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Hey there, thought I may as well make another review. Going to just review in relation to the previous review, so I'll say the improvements and anything else that still needs work which I either didn't notice for my first review, forgot about, or just was lazy and didn't include for some reason. ^_^

The Good:
-The initial hit at 0:25 is so much better - less painful on the ears.
-I can hear the tones of the bass a lot better, there are very few places where it sounds off-key now, and in those it does still at least keep the 'motion' so I can know where it's headed.
-Transition at 1:53-1:57 isn't painful anymore either. VERY nice fix on it. Still sounds sexy like the original without the massive overload.

The Not-So-Good:
-At about 0:15 the mix starts to feel really overcrowded. I'm not sure if the distortion there is intentional or not though.
-Still not that happy with 1:13-1:15.
-At 1:30-1:46, the pad is drowning out pretty much everything else, particularly the snare and the... bass. Just goes to show how much treble and how little bass the bass has. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, just ironic. (oh yeah, the same thing happens at 2:35)
-For some reason, after 2:03, I noticed that the bass is pretty much drowned out by everything else but mainly that high treble thing. This also happens toward the beginning after 0:25, but for some reason that wasn't as noticeable.
-Hm... the ending is better, but still not quite... enough. I'm not sure exactly how to describe it, but it still sounds more 'unintentional'. This time it's more like "Oh right I need to end the song at some point. -throw in ending-". If there were a bit more of a leadup to it with an effect, or some variations in the rest of the piece, that would help drastically. Also yeah still not a fan of the looping of a pattern three times. :<

Overall: Much improved as far as I'm concerned. I have to say, this is quite an awesome way to say "thanks for the comments"! Maybe I'll take a hint and try to do that at some point.

SourJovis responds:

On no. Now I have to change it again. No that doesn't matter. If I want to change anything I have to do it right. Thanks for the feedback again. I made a new new mix.

The overcrowded thing and distortion was intentional. It had to become more and more distorted and cacophonic, until the white noise sweep takes over. I'll leave it like that.

I removed the break at 1:13 altogether.

The bass has quite some treble, and that's what you can identify the tones by. But it actually has a lot of bass as well. It's just that the lead synth (I think that's the one you meant with pad) also has a lot of low end. I removed that now, that should make room for the bass and drums. I also gave the bass more bass (but not too much or it gets messy with the base drum).

The main reason why it is more noticeable that the bass is drowned out is that all instruments in this mix have more bass than in the previous (except for the main kick (there are two kicks in this song)). Also the bass is more of a support instrument at those parts, and the high treble thing is the lead, so I think it's not too bad if the lead drowns out the bass. Priorities.

I like the ending. Originally I wanted to pitch the ending up an octave. That way it would be more clear the song was nearing the end. I thought it'd be too cheesy though, and I had already done it in my previous song (Fuzzy the Robot Bee). I'll leave the ending as it is for now.

Other changes I've made are: I gave it even more bass. Made the high hat slightly less loud. Put distortion on the strings and orchestra hits because I miss it there after removing so much distortion and compression.

Usually I don't change a song every time I get feedback. It's not always a smart thing to do either. It only makes a song better if you know what the people mean with their comments and if you agree. Sometimes it's not worth the time and effort either, and it's just better to move on, and save the comments for your next song.

I don't think I will do anything about this song for a while.

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Apr 27, 2013
7:25 PM EDT
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