Pumps and Bumps

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Hey guys been awhile since I uploaded anything. Been working on new tracks for other artists and remixing some of my old ones but now it's time to start cranking out some new tunes!

This one features a sample of Jake from adventure time.

if you like it like me on facebook.com/aaronmusslew hite

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dat bass O___0
sounds like crispy growls. yum :3

What time is it?


Starting with step by step

00:00: Good start, steady beat.
00:10: Lead up to the starting jump.
00:14-15:You can't stop the pumps and bumps!
00:16: Adding in some synths, nice.
00:29-30: Another pump and bump
00:32->:Another great lead up
00:45: I call this a hop.
00:57 Lead up!
01:03: I hear this part a lot in your songs,
01:15:Looping pumps and bumbs
01:26: pumps pumps pumps pumps pumps
01:29: Another mini-drop
01:30:Adding in some dirt, not too much though.
01:48: A lead up
01:56: Getting steeper
02:01: Aww, no pumps and bumps?
02:10: More dirt,
02:18: Pumps!
02:26: Pumping lead up
02:32:->Nice soft part
02:49: All dat pumping and bumping.
03:00:Jake's voice dropped.
03:10: Dirt.
03:22: Lead u0
03:30: Mini drop
03:46: You really like lead ups don't you?
04:00:Jake's voice cracked again
04:05: Oh so soft
04:17: Techy dirt.
04:33: The number of lead ups in this song is too damn high!
04:45:All about the bumps in your heart.
04:58: Song ends.

Beginning Middle End section of Long & Complex Review Time.

Beginning (00:00-01:00): 4.5 stars!
From the beginning, you established a steady beat, and already by 00:14 you managed the vocals. Side note, I am so proud of you for actually having vocals in a song and making them work. The rest of the beginning though is filled with lead-ups which goes ON and ON. I don't mind that much tho, so there you go.

Middle (01:00-04:00) 4 and 9001 divided by 9001x2 stars.
The Middle was filled to the goddamn brim with those lead-ups. It was like every other second had a drop in it. While not exactly my cup of tea, it worked well enough for the song, I suppose, so only a 578/578x2 stars were taken off. And throughout this section, you kept on pulling off the vocals thing, which I'm so proud of you for. I appreciate the calm sections of the song too, that's good. I am semi-disappointed by having no instruments apart from the drum take a part, but oh well, can't have it all.

End (04:00-End) 5 stars!
From 04:00, you pull off a gentle down slope, removing most of the other sounds and leaving behind the drums and some other effects. There is ANOTHER lead up, but it's to that last piece of wisdom, so, no points deducted. Excellent ending, 5 stars for ending.

End score: 4+1/2 Balls of Gas.

You did well, and you pulled off vocals for once. Lead ups were numerous, but didn't detract too much. a good song, but maybe not as good as Allegro :).

-Willl, your fanatic reviewer.

aaronmusslewhite responds:

ill remind you this is the second time that you've said i've "pulled off vocals for once" so I guess i did it at least twice. And you're the only person i've seen say anything about vocals in any of the other songs anyway. (at least who didn't recognize that they just like instrumental tracks or otherwise) Most of my songs with sampled vocals are generally this style anyway. And if it isn't than they're more like proper songs (this time, i'm alive, et cetera) and that becomes a completely subjective thing. Like I love coheed and cambria but I also know a lot of people who hate claudio's voice. They're wrong, but they exist haha.

as far as lead ups go. yeah I like them and I think they add tension before the next section, and also help with transition to another song in a DJ mix as well. With dance music people have to know that a new section is coming, you don't want to confuse them toooooo much. I think the builds add to that. Really almost all dance songs have something like that... i Just like to make them part of the instrumentation a bit more.

Also the build might go on for awhile at the first section but remember that that's a beat match section so you probably would only hear the last bit of it in a club anyway. I'd probably cut it in half if it was a "radio edit."

OMG you watched that EP LOL! love the rises lost my shit at about 1:20
best vocals ever!!!
and now i need some one to make me stop shaking my head

aaronmusslewhite responds:

haha thanks glad you like it. Yeah, I got into adventure time relatively recently, .... and then binge watched like every episode lol

nice drop!

I like this one :). Nice bass, many variations.

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Apr 25, 2013
5:46 PM EDT
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