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Russians [Int.]

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This is my musical interpretation of the film "The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming" in honor of the new Cinematic genre in the audio portal. A bit of mickeymousing, a lot of dissonance, and lots of fun randomness. Note that this is not at all related to the soundtrack of the film and is my own original work.

If you haven't heard of the film: http://en.wikipedia.org/w iki/The_Russians_Are_Comi ng,_the_Russians_Are_Comi ng

I'll leave the interpreting up to you. ;)

If you have an alternative interpretation of your own or any images the music gives you, feel free to share them below.

Written in Finale 2012 w/ EWQLSO instruments.


sooooo gooood. It specifically reminds me of my days as a cow herder in the west.


and five starz

samulis responds:


I got my music 5-voted by BOSA!!! AHHHH111!!1!! *cries in joy*

My life is complete!


samulis responds:

Thanks for liking it man, but it has plenty of issues. Glad to know it at least sounds good. :)

Ahahah, as a Russian person I just have to review this! Overall really nice impression - like at first they were expecting an evil force armed with waterphones and grumpy cellos but the Russians appeared to be quite nice guys. I don't know if you're acquainted with the "Gothic" RPG series but the first minute reminds me a lot of it, especially the melody. The second part, however, doesn't sound the way I would do it if I decided to compose some folk influenced piece. I haven't watched the movie either but the contrast between almost zombie-apocalypse-like first part and that nice and sparky conclusion gives me a warm feeling inside. But I think the ending is a little bit too subtle. Just a little bit. Perhaps it's because the dynamic range doesn't seem to be wide enough for it to be appropriately developed. I realize the climax but I don't feel it because of its "flattish" nature. But in general I seriously think you did just fine.

samulis responds:

The first part is inside the russian sub as it crashes on the beach, that's why it's so dim and dark.

As for the second part, it isn't so much 'folk' as it is, ah... "home" feeling... I don't know a better way to describe the feeling, but it's one I pull a lot and often label as 'folk' because that's the best I can do. It's an emotion of belonging and tradition that I pull a bit too far to make it almost comical.

And yeah, I'm not pulling a hollywood here with the ending, sorry. :P

Nice idea to commemorate the new genre in the portal. :)
The strings aren't terribly realistic in places (the high strings toward the beginning that fade in and out) but the piece most definitely accomplishes what you set out to do which is tell a story. I don't know the film but I enjoyed the piece a lot.

samulis responds:

There are things that happen at 1:30 AM that probably shouldn't happen. Also note I am happily working under the limits of a notation program- all that fancy automation stuff people waste their time on is either not done or accounted for by the virtual performance component of the program, which alters the MIDI data to sound more realistic such as swelling and such (but is not wholly compatible with EWQL... thus a more robotic sound to my music than there should be).

Very cinematic orchestral piece. I really like the dark drone sound and sound effects you have used. One thing I have noticed that nowadays you are much into harp. Indeed good work. I would certainly like to listen more cinematic (movie-ish) orchestral stuff specially from you.

samulis responds:

I'm always looking for things to score. I might score up a fable or two this summer. Thanks for the review! Hope all is well!

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Apr 24, 2013
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