SD and L (cover)

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This is my entry for the NG Audio Portal 10th Anniversary Contest!

Oh, and surreal texture intended.

Stuff used: Recorded classical guitar, strings vst, some Sytrus. Yes, that is FL Keys. Messed with the EQ a bit so it's not assaulting you with a treble sandwich.
I apologize only for the shitty mic I currently have. Hardware limits me at the moment...

The first cover is Soul Destroyer followed by Losing. Though keeping a similar instrument sound, I pretty much improv'd all the piano in "Losing", to stray away from doing an exact cover of the original. Plus it's more fun that way :P
I hope I combined these two okay. I don't think I saw anyone else using two or more tracks in their cover, so hopefully this doesn't stick out badly =____=
Anyway, finals are here, so I'm glad I was able to pull this off in time before I start the ritual of pulling allnighters at this time of year..

All critique is welcome, and much appreciated!

Hope you enjoy! Wish me luck in the contest? :D

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Not bad. Ambitious to have chosen two songs to cover, and pulled it off pretty well. I really enjoyed the guitar part especially. I think the only criticism I can really offer is that it didn't really seem to be going anywhere. I saw the train leave the station, then it just kinda drifted off the tracks. The music was quite nice, I think with some arrangement it could really pop.

alternativesolution responds:

I am glad you think so! Learning the guitar part wasn't hard, but a bit tedious, so I'm glad I pulled it off well. :)

"I saw the train leave the station, then it just kinda drifted off the tracks."

After another listen, I entirely agree.This extremely helpful to hear, as I see this is a common criticism for this piece.

I also think that with some more arrangement this could turn out much better. I might simply take the second cover and expanding it to be it's own, longer- and in terms of direction- more precise piece.

Thank you very much for your kind review!



You're the one of the two competitors to cover two tracks, and unlike the other one I feel like you actually had a decent transition here.

Let me start by saying that the guitar at the beginning sounds fantastically atmospheric and works extremely well as an intro. Even if you say you have a bad microphone, it sounded just fine. Tasteful use of reverb on it too! You then transition to the other track with a fairly smooth transition (even if it's a bit crossfade-ish), and some really unique-sounding ideas. This all sounds interesting and creative. Both covers also feel like improvements from the originals too.

Unfortunately, like other people have said, I feel like this didn't go anywhere. The second part especially doesn't feel very structured. The guitar intro was lovely but when it transitioned to something else, there was nothing that indicated that the guitar intro's place is in this track, since it turned into something else entirely. The other submission covering two tracks also felt disjointed and I feel that this was an issue that I should have addressed earlier, since using more than one track to cover in your submission doesn't mean you can make it sound like two different covers entirely.

You present great, creative and intriguing ideas, but work more on making this one cohesive listening experience, since it feels somewhat directionless.


SCORE: 6.5/10

alternativesolution responds:

Oh, that's good to hear! I finally was able to filter out much of the background noise (I got a new mic now, yes!) after tweaking around, but to me I couldn't tell if I had done the job right or not. So I'm glad it's not terrible sounding.

I had a hard time transitioning the two covers, and at first wanted to add in some guitar to the second piece as well, but it sounded too busy... so I ended up leaving it how it was. Ah, the life of a procrastinator. I picked my songs 3 days before the deadline and did all the work on the final day, most of it after 6pm >.<
But it is good to know I did well with the creative aspects, because I was certainly happy with the second cover, myself. Just...not how quickly it ended. (time constraint) I wanted to extend it much further, actually. If I had allowed myself more time from the start, I would've seen to the now-clear transitioning issues.

"You present great, creative and intriguing ideas, but work more on making this one cohesive listening experience, since it feels somewhat directionless."

This is especially helpful. Cohesiveness is very important, and I will keep that in mind the next time I think it's okay to procrastinate.

I appreciate your input, and thank you for your review!


The Good:
-I like the overall atmosphere you have built up in the beginning.
-The guitar is well-played as far as I can tell.
-Oh man, the atmosphere in the second cover is very nice. At first it seems almost like a mad scientist's laboratory.

The Not-So-Good:
-Not much original composition in the first cover.
-The drums in the second cover seem to be fairly random.
-No real endings to either of them, and the final little bit at the end seems somewhat uninspired and unfitting.

Overall: 6/10 on the first part, 8/10 on the second, so score of 7/10 overall. The biggest problem was that both covers weren't mixed, the other largest problem was a lack of a real ending for both.

alternativesolution responds:

I agree, I only changed the melody of the strings and some barely noticeable parts in the melody of the guitar. I am really glad you like the atmosphere in the second cover :3 When listeners can imagine something like that after listening to my music, well..it's kind of a huge compliment.

Everything in the drums was on purpose, but now as I listen again, it might not have sounded so random if I had made the track longer, so they would appear again later.
As for the endings, with the first one I tried to lead it into the second cover (guess that kinda failed!), but I know I could have done better if I started this whole thing earlier. *smacks forehead* Yeah, I suppose it's the same reason for the end of the second cover as well. I wanted to extend it, but you know, the whole time thing.

Anyway, thank you for your helpful review!

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