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Yo !

Here's my submission for the NGAP 10th Anniversary Contest.
It consists in doing a cover from a piece selected in the audio portal.
I chose to cover the theme from the game PixEvo, by Evil-Dog.
Oh, and the Ex in the title stands for Extended.

Enjoy !

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the orange jump suit gives you away every time.
this track made me want to believe in something, 80s montage style, and then made me want to suck someones blood from their milky white neck, then i t made me want to torch a wierd boss shi r-type style, then it finished

Great cover. You changed quite a bit about the original. I like the sounds overall. Nice drums with the snare rolls and the high hats. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the saw lead. It clashes with the violin. I would've liked it better if you used a solo violin instead with more loudness and perhaps a bit more treble than usual, to make that violin shine, instead of muffling it away by adding a sharp synth. Some more suggestions. The string samples could've been a little more realistic. It could've used more base. I don't hear if there is an actual base guitar, but if there is, it could use more deep ends. I hear a guitar though, that doubles the melody. It doesn't sound like a base. The snare could've been deeper, especially if you don't have a lot of base. The part where the choir kicks in is nice too. Gives a nice variation. Good job.

Not too bad. I like what you were going for. The mix was a bit unbalanced, and the instruments were kinda lack luster, but overall I liked the direction you took. I think it could have used a little more momentum, and maybe even a little more rearranging, but all that aside it's pretty slick.

Deflektor responds:

Thank you. Knowing i suck hard at making covers/remixes, it feels good to know it wasn't a total waste :p



Not that bad of a cover! Good work.

I don't really have that much to say about this one, really. You've got some pretty standard but good stuff in here, like a nice soft intro that brings in the main melody quite well, and some solid accompaniment at points. Not only that, but the orchestral sounds are nice! Not sure what you're using but the strings sound bright and the choir sounds pretty expressive too, which is sweet. All in all, you've got some pleasant stuff in here.

That said, this sounds quite standard and uninteresting, I'm afraid. Nothing much happens over here and this just repeats a lot of the same thing. We are treated to some more melodic content halfway through, of which some sounds fairly forced. A lot of the track sounds pretty empty too, making it ultimately sound quite lame at points. 1:40 is more like what I want to hear, and even then I think that part could do with a bit more content.

All in all, you did a decent job over here. You need to work on making this less repetitive and putting in more intricate details and higher-quality production. That's nothing some more musical experience won't fix though!


SCORE: 6/10

Deflektor responds:

Well, i understand your point about the lack of content. I guess i still a long, very long way to go.
Thanks for taking time, though !


The Good:
-I like the drums quite a bit in this.
-The synthy violin is very cool, I'm curious about how you made it.
-Stays in tune with the original with some variation, enough to keep it fresh... ish.

The Not-So-Good:
-The delay on the violin doesn't sound very good.
-It seems like this is mainly extended because it's at a much slower speed rather than having more content.
-The section at 1:27-1:40 is pretty empty. It would be nice if there were more there.
-The synthy violin at 2:08 is FAR too loud. It pretty much overpowers the rest of the piece and makes it muddy.

Overall: Score of 6/10. Main problems are the needless slow tempo and emptiness causing it to be fairly "meh".

Deflektor responds:

I understand your point about the tempo. Thing is, i originally planned to keep the original tempo, but in the end, it didn't sound right.

Other than that, your other points are valid.

Oh, and about that synthy violin, i simply mixed together a real violin sound and a synth.

Anyways, i thank you for taking your time judging my piece. And great work on the whole judging, too.

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Apr 19, 2013
9:38 AM EDT
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