Smother (Overburn Cover)

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This is my entry to the NGAPTAC and it's also a love song to the maker of the original, RobSoundtrack.

45 tracks... That's the most heavy piece that I've worked on. And I really, really hope it's good enough for a cover.

http://www.newgrounds. com/audio/liste n/479441
Head here for the original by Rob! (remove the spaces!)

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Not bad. I dig your take on a supremely metal track. Gotta love the orchestral stuff. Overall this wasn't too bad, but some of the mix was a little messy/crowded, some basic compression and EQ would do a lot of good here. It was nice, but it didn't really blow my socks off. Would have liked to have heard a little something different. Not bad overall.



This started off fairly badly, but got so much better later on that you still got a fairly high score in my books!

Right, let me start by saying that making an orchestral cover of a metal song is NOT easy, I'm sure. Of course, it depends on the song, but in general metal tracks have a lot of repeating riffs and chug rhythms that are hard to interpret with an orchestra. The one you chose is fairly melodic which of course works in favour of you, but I still commend you on making a great orchestral track out of a metal track. The large amount of orchestral instruments give this a somewhat generic but still appreciated "epic" feeling. Some parts like 1:08 are awesome, and the ending when everything comes together is pure brilliance. Great choice of chords too by the way! Lastly, the ending was quite good, even if it was similar to the original's, and I like how you ended it with a melodic phrase that was repeated various times prior to the ending.

Having said all that, the mix over here needs to be reworked entirely. I'm not sure what sounds you're using, but while some of them sound fine (like some of the percussion and the choir), others sound bad. This seems to be mostly the result of lacklustre mixing. Some of the instruments here are incredibly dry, and this is especially notable when the piano does its solo and throughout a lot of the percussive section. Some reverb would work wonders. The levels and EQing need work too. Nothing - not even the foreground instruments - stands out from the mix most of the time, and this is very clear with the brass especially.

Overall, despite this having some shortcomings, I enjoyed it! Great work.


SCORE: 8/10


The Good:
-Creative, arranging a heavy metal song for an orchestra.
-You've kept the original melodies well and brought them into an orchestral format in a way that really works.

The Not-So-Good:
-Your brass is really drowned out.
-Some of the mixing causes other instruments to be pushed into the back.
-Some of the melodies don't really work on the instruments you put them on.
-It seems that you often jump into another section without a buildup or transition. This isn't good.

Overall: Score of 8/10. Biggest problems are the mixing and transitions.

This music has a very neat arrangement and nice instrument selection, but a lot of it sounds "smothered", I think because the melody instruments are dull and hiding in the background, and it sounds like it has a strange reverb that cuts off fast, but that may be a miscalculation of my ears.


flasmasta12 responds:

Thanks :3

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Apr 18, 2013
4:50 PM EDT
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