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xKore-Entropy (Masq Rmx)

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Remix of xKore's Entropy,

fate let it coincide with the ngap 10th anniversary so yay!!

also this is a CLUB MIX, the first 30 secs are filler.

The song samples sections of the original, no worries its been approved by the staff for the contest.

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Sounds amazing to me.

I dug it. Definitely has some personality. Would have liked you to have gotten a little more crazy with the cheese whiz, but overall this was pretty dope. My only criticism is that it was just kinda plain in some spots, would have liked to have heard some more variation/expansion. Overall this was pretty nice though. Especially 2:11 onward.



You should open a company called Earsex, dedicated to making music like this. Awesome cover!

First impression: absolutely fantastic production value. I can often tell when a track is yours without knowing that you did it since the sounds in many different tracks of yours often have similar qualities, like the piercing distorted snare, the crazy glitching on the sounds, etc... All of those sounds fit SO well together and are mixed really tastefully. The drums are just nailed, and the bass sounds juicy and highly entertaining to listen to. You mixed in the original well too, doubtlessly the result of skilful tweaking and meticulous production to make sure it fits in with what you're doing.

To be honest I feel pretty intimidated to criticise this since the production value is so high and an entirely different league from anything I can even dream of doing myself. However, my only true gripe with this track is that while you showed off your effect-processing, percussive and mixing skills, you haven't really shown me what you can do melodically. The truly melodic sections were just taken directly out of the original, and therefore this feels more like a "version 2" of the original track. I need to hear more creativity, because coupling it with your music production skills will certainly make one hell of a badass concoction.

You don't give much room for me to complain man. Fantastic work.


SCORE: 8.5/10


The Good:
-I don't care if you claim the first 30 seconds are filler, they sound really cool.
-Pretty awesome bass sounds, of course.
-Great ambiance at 1:16-1:30. It continues the ambiance over the wobbles and stuff as well.
-You have a good outro. +1 for that.

The Not-So-Good:
-Unfortunately, the first 30 seconds would have done better as the actual intro.
-Regardless of whether you have permission, I don't consider directly copying entire 20-second clips of introduction with nothing added as being good style pretty much ever.
-Wondering where a change was by the time it actually changed at 1:16. This is the only place where the repetition really hurt it though, the rest had enough cool stuff to keep me interested.
-Unfortunate that the drums and wobbles have to push everything else far into the background. It kills a lot of the great ambiance feel, which is where the actual melody is.

Overall: Score of 9/10. Biggest problem was the destruction of ambiance and the copypasta.

What strikes me about this is that it sounds really coherent, the samples from the original are mixed so well with your instruments that it's not clear where the original ends and yours begins. The FM-y bass fits in very well (it tends to be a bit dominant in your earlier tracks). Generally this track sounds more large and atmospheric than xkore's. It doesn't venture very far away from the original in terms of mood and structure and everything, so I think there's potential to be even more adventurous.

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4.10 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2013
12:13 PM EDT
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