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2013 International MC Invitational Tournament
Round 4
(1) TK vs (1) Eq

Verse 1: TK
Verse 2: Eq
Verse 3: TK
Verse 4: Eq

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TK V1 - Goofy and smooth at the same time, brilliant rhymes and awesome flow. Neanderthal line is kind of hammy. Trying too hard is a decent personal. Razor finisher is amusing.

EQ V1 - Cut yourself flip is amusing. dictionary.com line is solid but TK's rhymes really weren't overkill or fanciful, they flowed. B-hole made me roll my eyes. Emo bangs is a decent flip. Gay bar is lame, anime diss is better. Finisher went over my head.

TK V2 - Opening with stuff about your bars is great. People showed up at mine is great, sex life is nice, equalization is another strong one. Coffee flip is unnecessary, should have used a punch line instead.

EQ V2 - Biting line is a good way to attack TK changing his voice. Geico line is a little cheesy. More emo stuff, okay. Pasty diss is amusing, coffee finisher is amusing.

This is a really tough battle to judge. There are a lot of punches but a lot of them fail to hit. TK flips like mad in his second verse but EQ is more consistent with flipping but TK went first, so I'm having some trouble picking out a winner. Another issue is that EQ leans pretty heavily on flips - the personals he threw were good but few in number, which leads me to believe the battle might have swung more heavily in TK's favor if he'd gone second. I would have to give it to TK by a tiny margin, partly because he had a more natural flow and partially because he didn't double himself into oblivion.

i have to give it to eq. tk is dope but eq took it with some great punchlines and a consistent attack. tk was funny and had some good flips in his 2nd, but eq out-shined with great punches. good job.

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Final Four matchup with a dope as fuck beat? Check.

TK's lines part 1:

emotional intelligence/perceives benevolance/normal people build/living in this world/solo act hey/picked the wrong name/contradicts the ridiculous image that you run on/walking oxymoron - +++
what the fuck is up wit ya jaw/whole skull has no proportion at all/neanderthal - ++
knuckles while he walks/6 feet wit a forehead that's 4 feet tall - ++
no way to avoid it/how forced your voice is - +
pedo air stare (?)/take a razor to that beard queer - +

Eq's lines part 1:

figured that an emo kid's advice would be to cut myself/go cut yourself - +
drop bombs/bullshit disses from dictionary dot com - ++
one third of emo/other two thirds medically extracted from my b hole/please yo/killer when your weekend hobby's probably drinkin coffee at the village inn - +++
seen no stage/haircut's the only time that emo bangs - ++
sex with guys you meet/hepatitis c - +
biggest dream to be in a scene from an anime/he posts he closer every day - ++
film crew/killed you - ++

TK's lines 2:

go back on my word/voice man it seriously hurts - ++
whiny one in this tournament aren't/straight from the heart rhymes - +
how do you suck so much/bro what the fuck - +
Dr. Phil if you will/you need to get real - +
haven't done a show in a long ass time/people showed up to mine/doing fine/porno online - +++
equalization/me and this caveman/eq compressed in this round just like a spraycan - ++
mark's fillin it in/chillin at the village inn - +++

Eq's lines 2:

Machine Gun Kelly ring a bell/biting everything you ever felt - ++
just let me prove it/geico a caveman could do it - +++
real loud on all your ad libs/bars are fucking average - +
Taylor Kelly's been imagined/Chaotic Animosity where cat fished(?) - +
die today/crying game - +
difference between a juggalo and TK/beter makeup application to that sweet face - 0
sorta odd/that bad at photoshop - ++
sure lose/too poor to order food - ++

Total for TK: +22
Total for Eq: +25

Better flow: TK, +
Better delivery: Eq, +
Better worldplay: TK, +
Better aggression: Eq, +
Better closes: Eq, +

Grand Total for TK: +24

Grand Total for Eq: +28


For once Deezle and I agree on a big match.

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This battle was fucking dope, I can't believe it took me this long to actually check it out lol.

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Hip Hop - Olskool
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