Namine's Theme - Cover

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From Kingdom Hearts OST, cover by me, Originally by Yoko Shimomura

Recorded LIVE in Audacity, Casio WK-200

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I like this it's a good piece I do think you could make this much longer you have the quality just make it longer and ad more flavor like some extra instruments but I do understand this is more of a kingdom hearts style but for what it is it's a nice track and hope to hear much more of your work sometime soon

Make this longer


Even without having heard this theme before, having played many JRPGs, this brought a lot of nostalgia for me. I feel like the playing was well done, and the recording quality is good as well. I do wish you had a little bit more variance with either pacing or volume.

Whether to do so to emphasize existent nuances of the piece, or to put your own spin on it, it would have made it more interesting.

0:15-0:21 for example seemed (take this with a grain of salt) like it could have been a bit more dramatic in volume.

Aikata responds:

Thank you for your feedback, and I'm sorry I haven't seen this until now! I've been trying to put some more variance into my covers, though I'm often times reluctant to deviate from the original. This particular song has given me more trouble with variance.

Thanks again. :)

Well, I don't know how to review this properly, since I know nothing about piano or music instruments at all. Yet, I love to hear songs played on a piano.
But I do remember the good ol' days I spent playing Kingdom Hearts 2 because of this song. Personally, I love Namine and so as your cover.
4.5 stars to the cover, 0.5 star because of the nostalgy.

Aikata responds:

Aw, any feedback is great! The main reason video game covers are so great for me is because of the nostalgia! Instead of just being a set of sounds that are kinda pretty, the music becomes a snapshot of the events and feelings from the game, or from the player's life at that time...that's what I think at least. I also think I just defined nostalgia, lol.

Thanks for listening. Oh, and don't think I didn't notice your TWEWY icon there! Maybe I'll do a cover for that series too. :)

As a Kingdom Hearts fan and a pianist, I heartily approve of this cover. Well played.

My only pickle with this would be: Add a little bit of rubato where the theme takes a slight pause. It'll give more body, more expression to this piece. Not that this piece doesn't have expression already, but it'll add more oomph to what is already there.

Also, it's not that NG isn't big on piano covers because I know of a few people who do make piano covers (I did upload a live piano work on NG some time back and it was fairly well received). But I would love to hear... not a standard take on Namine's theme, but *your* take on Namine's theme. Can you vary it, for example? Can you make that cover *your own*? Covers are accepted on places like OCRemix on the grounds that the people making those covers put their own spin on video game themes. And judging from how well you played, I believe you can too.

Aikata responds:

Wow, I really appreciate your critique, and from a fellow pianist no less!

I can you see what you mean about "owning" the cover of a piece. From a music education standpoint, I've always been taught to express the ideas written on the paper and not anything else (except in jazz. That's anything BUT what's on paper!) I guess I should delve into having a bit more freedom here on the NG Audio Portal.

Thank you very much for the review, TNE. :D

The mic name doesn't say much to me, but it must be decent because the sound quality is clear as air. Maybe not as ample as it could be, but definitely good. Have you tried improving the quality via Audacity or is this all RAW? The piano play itself is beautiful, and from a series I've watched too. Nice work!


Aikata responds:

Casio WK-200 is my keyboard. Um, I'm not really sure how I can improve the quality in Audactiy. Maybe I should look up some tutorials...?

Thank you for the review!

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Apr 8, 2013
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