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The Genocide

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Cover of the song The Massacre by FantomenK


Made for the N G A P 10th Anniversary Contest!.


I'm a long time fan of FantomenK, and The Massacre was the first song I added to my favourites. That's why I chose it for the cover contest.

One time I spoke to FantomenK through e-mails, because I made him some new avatars (among which the one I'm currently using myself, because FantomenK decided not to use mine, and this one was actually based of a photograph of myself) FantomenK asked me how I made the avatars, so I told him. I also told him I made a song called Sour John's Theme (which I consider my own theme song now) and said I thought it sounded a little like the music he made. Unfortunately he didn't respond to that anymore. I used also a lot of fragments from Sour John's Theme (which I created 2 years ago) for this cover.


In short FantomenK and I are both musicians with ninja avatars, and I combined both his and my theme songs to let you hear what it would be like if we came face to face. Enjoy.

Update: I placed 5th in the contest. Due to the many comments I received, I decided to make an alternate mix with a less screamy high, a more rumbling base, less compression, less distortion and some other changes: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/533057

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great song

i can't believe that more than one person can make audio together.
keep up the nice work

SourJovis responds:

Collabs are very difficult. Sometimes two or more people can bring out the best in each other and you get really great songs. A remix/cover is usually not as good as the original, but that too can become very interesting. Thank you!

Picked a great track to cover. This was pretty interesting. One thing I have to give you credit for is that you at least gave this track some original flavor. The mix was a little messy, and a few spots had some questionable notes. The bass was also a tad bit grading to the ears at some points, and some of the transitions felt a little wobbly, and felt bit heavy on the compression. Overall, none too shabby.

SourJovis responds:

Your review is helpful. I appreciate your comments and opinion. You have some good points. The questionable notes I don't really hear though. I made an alternate mix with less compression and distortion. I can't guarantee you'll like it but I think it would sound a little better to you.



What an awesome song to cover. And what an awesome cover.

To start off, I'm usually not one to enjoy over-compression but over here it works and makes everything sound clean and powerful. Parts like 1:44 have a lot of oomph. Your interpretation of the original is just stellar with a great creativity factor. How you started the song for example; the introduction of the riff at the beginning of the original is extremely well-thought-out, and you've got some great parts like 1:31 which are a blast to listen to. Transition-wise, I'm very much a fan of the transition at 1:45, and in general most are just awesome.

To mention a few flaws, first off the transitions to the main parts at 0:25 and 2:03 were the only ones I wasn't a fan of. In the original they felt a lot more pronounced and well-executed, whereas over here they were both somewhat anti-climaxes. In addition, while your mix is great, there are waaaayyy too many high frequencies man. In general the open hats were pretty high and parts like 1:31 are excrutiatingly ear-piercing. I would definitely consider killing some of the higher frequencies and adding more bass. The original had a great bass and over here it's still good but this is missing the awesomely deep rumble of the original's bass, and treating us to an overload of high frequencies instead.

Extremely well-done overall. Shame about the high frequencies, but otherwise keep up the great work.


SCORE: 9/10

SourJovis responds:

Thanks man. Glad you like it. Like I said before I made an alternate mix with less high frequencies and more low. Unfortunately that mix also sounds less powerful, because other people weren't a fan of the over compression and distortion. It's a lot easier on the ear though.


The Good:
-Whoah, this is quite the different intro. I like it a lot. The atmosphere it makes until 0:25 is pretty incredible.
-I feel like I hear some bitcrushing. The way your instruments work together are really awesome.
-Some really sweet atmosphere at about 1:15 onward.
-Oh man, the transition at 1:46 is so awesome.
-You really took the original piece and made it your own.

The Not-So-Good:
-The slap bass often sounds off-key, even though it also sounds freaking awesome.
-Transition at about 1:13-1:15 isn't very nice.
-Some mixing issues at 1:31, I think the pad is overpowering a lot. At the very least, it feels like it is.
-1:53-1:57 has some SERIOUS clipping and levelling issues. Some of the frequencies get literally painfully loud at that point.
-Not a fan of the outro, the looped sound of it makes it sound unintentional.

Overall: Score of 9/10. Biggest problems are mixing and the off-key slap bass.

SourJovis responds:

Hey. Thank you for your review. It's very helpful. Glad you liked it. Yeah, I made it very different than the original. I knew that's what you wanted. The slap bass is never technically off-key. It's probably because I transposed it halve an octave down, detuned it, chorused it and distorted it, that the tones become hard to define. It was in parts a necessity because my computer broke down I had to use an earlier recorded bass cut it into pieces and sample it. I thought it would enhance the disco feel. I made an alternate mix after your comments. I think it solves many of the issues you've mentioned. There's less high and more base. Less distortion and compression. It doesn't hit the limiter that much anymore. Many of the issues fall more into place because of this. The Bass still uses the same notes, but it's less detuned and more pleasant to listen to. The outro isn't a cut and paste loop anymore, but an ordinarily played repetition. Hope you like it better.

Woah, that was unexpected. Different tempo, completely different style and set of instruments. That slap bass is siiiiiiiiick. It hits amazingly hard at 1:45 (that part has way too much of the high frequencies though), and the calm part afterwards is groovy as hell. Other than some issues with mild distortion and the high frequencies, the mix is good too. Congratulations, this is a great cover which really surpasses what I though one could plausibly do with the original.

SourJovis responds:

Thank you for your review. Glad you like the slap bass. I like it too. I took your comments to heart, and I made an alternate mix with less high frequencies, removed much of the mild distortion. It does sound a little less loud and bombastic, but it's more pleasant to the ears. You could listen to it to see which one you like better. The link is in the description.

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Apr 7, 2013
10:20 AM EDT
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