To Truly Be Free

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My first piece with EastWest's Complete Composer Collection.

Although I am uploading this here, this piece is NOT authorized for commercial use.

Music Composed by George R. Powell

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now I need to listen all your submissions
good job, thats just awsome!

Enjoying the thrill of power? ;)

I'd really enjoy a bit more on the harp volume- if you have close mics, add those. Harp close mics reduced a little in volume added to the mix sound fantastic. Also, your strings (I reckon you used the expressive patch) seem to have a bit too much delay at times with chords. Also, some more reverb wouldn't kill on some instruments... I'm surprised by how well you managed to use EWQL instruments on the first go; most people have a lot of trouble getting a good mix when they first start using them.

As a whole for the first few minutes, the piece feels rather flat... it doesn't really go anywhere fast. Suitable for underscore, but for listening? Not so much. The repetitive nature is not very inviting... I would love a more distinct B section with a different emotional timbre- You have shown me calm, beautiful, and triumphant. There is really only one theme and a bunch of ostinato with one little stretch of something kinda different in the middle. I find it too long for the lacking subject matter if you are treating this in the cinematic style you wrote it... if this were out of a more classical style, it'd be fine at this length.

At the recap around 5 minutes, I'd love to see some counter melodies (also throughout the song) and more variation. There is not enough variation, like a song without lyrics, and counter melodies are non-existent. Stretches 2:55 to 3:40ish and 6:20 to the end could do with SOMETHING happening... flute/oboe/bassoon solo, trading, etc. Sounds like someone decided to go Ctrl-C Ctrl-V a dozen times and figured that was enough, tbh. :P

One piece of orchestration advice I read out of book by Rimsky-Korsakov would apply very well to this- "FRESHNESS of color is more important than exotic color." Whether that means changing the key or bringing in a completely new melody and letting the strings rest a while while brass plays alone or woodwinds lead, it's a solid piece of advice for a long piece.

As for atmosphere, you did an amazing job portraying a calm. I don't know if the title really has much to do with the actual atmosphere though- when I think of freedom, I think of glorious heralding brass and patriotic music. This sounds more like walking across a prairie or hills while the sun slowly sets.

Something to try out is a richer low-end. Some good, wet doublebass notes (use the section sound) can really give the piece a very open and rich feel.

Percussion is good and effective. Consider plopping some gong in too- the 60 inch has a real quiet spread sound that is perfect for the start of a quiet passage. Your timpani part is bland with just quarter note hits, consider more complex rhythms. Timpani is often abused and forgotten- it's a really amazing feel if used well, even just light hits here and there and subtle rolls.

One last thing to note... the Licensing Terms on Newgrounds declare that commercial use is not allowed already, there's no need to repeat that. ;)

All in all, a very nice piece, but could use improvement compositionally, notably in the areas of variation, orchestration, and using counter-melodies to give the listener a fresh sound. It was not really so stellar that I am emotionally touched beyond the raw surface as a listener or impressed by the technique and originality, but it was definitely a step above most of what you see around here.

Keep compos(ed/ing)!

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Yeah, every time I begin anew with VSTs I've not used before, everything comes out very raw. There were places in this piece where I wasn't entirely satisfied with what I had to work with (I'm especially not fond of EastWest's strings or string sections). And, believe me, I'm very open to hearing any tips on how to make EastWest sound better.

I am pretty sure it does have Close mics (it is the Gold version), so I will give that a shot.

The original piece I composed strictly for piano when I was 18 years old (which, at the typing of this, was almost 13 years ago), so trying to adapt a long piece to an orchestral setting, I was in no hurry to build it right away, hence why it was light for the first bit.

I absolutely admit fault in the department of sticking to what is familiar in technique. I do try to learn more techniques as I go along while using the techniques I've been used to using over the years. I did not go to school for music; everything I know I learned from 13 years of piano training, 6 years playing in a church band (where I had to learn how to play "by chords" (improv), an difficult concept to someone who was raised with music theory) and 18 years of composing and just learning and trying new things as I go along (same goes for mixing, too).

The last time I tried to learn how to use a new VST, it took me months of playing around with it to get my bearings, and the same will be true of this working with Complete Composer Collection. (Good example: on my audio list here, "VSL Practice #2 - The Moon Tear" was the first piece I tried with that VST (although it was a VERY OLD version of it) and it sounds very raw whereas the most recent piece that NG's uploader let through "Hell I" sounds much more polished)

And my comment about it not being authorized for commercial use was going off of the Creative Commons clause that any commercial use would require permission from the artist, and I was putting out there that the answer is already "No".

I do thank you for the pointers and appreciate the critique. If you know any other good tips on using EastWest VSTs, I'd love to know: george@georgerpowell.com

Beautiful artistic work. Respect!

I kinda want to cry right now....because this song is so lovely. I can't even put into proper words how affected I am by your song. I can only wish to someday write music this heartfelt and amazing. Thanking for posting such an inspiring piece, sir :) Keep up the truly amazing work!

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thank you! =)

You are a brilliant composer, and this is no exception. I have always followed you and your work, and you have always inspired me. Keep up the good work.

There is little I can say in review of this piece with the exception of that it is beautiful.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thank you for the kind words and the continued support. =)

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Apr 6, 2013
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