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Jaded Gunner (RMX/cover)

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Author Comments

A remix/cover of stratkat's "Jaded Gunner". I think.
I haven't made stuff in a while, so ejhdkfhksfkj
also I'm trying out my cheap-ish Sonic Gear speakers so gg


Not too bad, but overall was just kinda boring. Not much in the way of originality, which I think contests like this are for. Mix was off for me, and few spots had some sour notes as well. Overall it just didn't really do it for me.

Yoshiii343 responds:

d'aaw balls



This is a pretty solid cover right here!

My first thought was that this has an awesome intro. The drum beat over there sounds very smooth and sits beautifully in the mix, and it's surprisingly refreshing that it's such a classic drum'n'bass beat which has been used so many times before. It's executed well enough here for it to fit in well and not sound like a generic element that's forced into the track, and I also like the subtle entrance of those string plucks as well. What I truly like about this is that it isn't just a blind cover of the original but you proudly give it its own identity by nailing the balance between making this a cover of the original and giving it your own touch. The structure here varies from the original too, which is something I commend you on, since it isn't always easy to vary structure of an original track in a cover.

Now, if I had to be entirely honest here, this is sadly lacking in terms of production quality. I'm hearing some well-produced things like the drum beat at the very beginning, but then the drums that come in at 0:23 aren't as flowing and sound kind of loud (but I do admit they get better later on). The synths you used sound incredibly raw and unprocessed as well. The synth at 0:22 almost sounds like the default 3xOsc sound, for example. The saw synths at the end get pretty overbearing and overall the production needs work. Apart from that, this is unfortunately a bit boring to listen to. Nothing too exciting ever happens.

It's a good cover in general. Nice work!


SCORE: 6.5/10

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Yoshiii343 responds:

thenks steph
still can't think of a proper response so i might edit this later


The Good:
-That's a pretty nice drum loop you have going at the beginning which continues.
-Variation on the melody while keeping it recognizeable is very good.

The Not-So-Good:
-The entire mix, while clean, seems kinda empty and quiet. At the very least, it would have been nice if it were mastered a bit more - try putting a limiter or some compression over the entire sound. A stronger bass would also make the piece a lot "meatier" and give it some thickness which it's lacking at the moment.
-The melody is often dissonant with the chords in a non-musical way (not like jazz), so this can put me off.
-Outro is fairly boring, it would have been nice if you made it a bit more conclusive rather than just cutting out.

Overall: Score of 6/10. Main problem is the empty mix, though the dissonant melody is also fairly prominent.

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Yoshiii343 responds:


Responses to the not-so-good things:
- What if I told you that I did placed a compressor over the master? Also, less strong bass because I though it was too bassy.
- Sorry for the dissonant melody. ;m;
- How do i outro

thenk u for teh reveu

Great effort on this one bro, I can definitely hear a lot of time put into this track. mixing sounds pretty solid and the leads are chosen well; nothing to crazy harsh or clippy. I will say this though, I would do you wonders to layer more drums over your drum loops so that they aren't so dominant in the mix. also, I would really recommend trying to layer some leads together to see what you come up with! you might be surprised by all the cool & useful sounds you can make from scratch essentially. Great stuff bro, keep it up.

Yoshiii343 responds:

>I can definitely hear a lot of time put into this track
Ha haw haw haw

>layer more drums over your drum loops so that they aren't so dominant in the mix
If I could layer drums without constantly adjusting the volumes even after I've finished the track and uploaded it, sure

>I would really recommend trying to layer some leads together
at the risk of causing a clusterfuck of frequencies, i'll give that a try someday

Thanks for the review!

(Note - I review pretty harshly, so don't take a low score personally! I don't vote harshly.)

It's alright, but for some reason or another the melody isn't really clicking with me. I guess I can't blame you for that though, since it's not your melody ;-).

I think part of the reason it's not clicking is because the bass in this song is not very strong, so I don't have anything to anchor myself to. Since you've heard the original a lot, you probably fill in the bassline with your mind, but since i've never heard the original, I can't, which takes away from the melody.

I have a suggestion - through most of the song I'm hearing this super energetic drum loop with crazy fast high hats. I would suggest to save that loop for the most emotive parts of the song, to give them an extra umph.

Anyway, good song, nice cover!

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Yoshiii343 responds:

Note: Noted.

Also thanks for the review since I literally do not know how to respond to useful reviews adskjadjkad


The bass isn't very strong because 1) I thought the bass frequencies/notes might clash with the melody, and 2) the bass sounded terrible (the synth, I mean)

Those aren't high hats, they're actually tambourines but close enough

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Credits & Info

Original Creator

4.48 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2013
4:28 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
4 MB
2 min 56 sec

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