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(I don't know what genre this belongs in. Let me know if you can think of something better than Ambient.)

So this song has an interesting story behind it.

I initially wrote this idea yesterday. You can find the old version here http://compo.thasauce.net /files/johnfn_-_quarantin e(OHC234).mp3. Today I decided that I liked the intro melody, but the old song got kinda messy, so I decided to rewrite the entire thing in a new project. After a similar opening, the new version diverges from the old one.

1. Ever since MAC I've started to be reallllly perfectionistic - rewriting and redoing sections over and over again until they work right. To be honest this song still isn't perfect and I consider one 10-15sec part to need some work. I'm not going to tell you which part, but you can guess if you want to ;-)
2. The reason that it's still imperfect is that I vowed to end my perfectionistic streak and actually submit a song. I wrote this in 1 day, over about a 6 hour period.
3. I've started pushing my style in a lot of ways, particularly in sound design. Almost everything in this song is designed by me (with the exception of the piano and glass piano :P)
4. I really like piano outros because they give me a chance to put in a nice melody that I otherwise couldn't fit into the song.
5. Audio pro-tip: hitting a low note on the piano adds this amazing feel of tension and unease. Take notice of 0:32! (Check out Sealed Door from the Chrono Trigger OST for another instance of this... and also that song is amazing, so check it out anyways.)

Thanks for listening~


Oh, this is great! I like that little section towards the end starting at 3:18. It really ends the song on a gentle note. I got surprised by the cut-off though lol!

Keep up the great work! Gonna go check out more of your music.

johnfn responds:

This is weird, I thought I responded to this review already.

Anyways, thank you for both managing to find my song after it was 0-voted and giving it a nice review! The fadeout melody trick is one I've started to use often when I come up with a nice idea that I can't find a good place for in the song.

And thank you for being my 60th fan! I've been eyeing that milestone for a while now ;-)

This is almost ALL ableton isn't it? :O

You're improving way to fast. You might even get better than me :(

Still though, good job at improving so well. This is one of the reasons too ive been holding back at collabing is because i feel like you're getting better than me at like everything. Mastering, melodic composition, and even sound design.

Hope you keep improving as its nice to see these really polished songs of yours.

johnfn responds:

oh yeah! i've been using ONLY ableton since lizard dance. haven't touched FL in a while ;-P i don't have it totally down - i sequence beats by copying and pasting audio snippets, for example, but i'm getting there.

you shouldnt worry about who's better though. collabs are all about learning from each other, and they're a way for both of us to improve. it's not like i'm going to siphon off the last of your skills or something lol. i have a lot of respect for your songs, and i'm nowhere near your soundscaping and mastering abilities. but yeah, don't worry about that, just worry about getting better!!

thanks for the review!

First thing that immediately caught my attention was the filtering of the first harmony. Starting out as a fat muddy sound then having it become more refined after you introduce so hifreq sounds like hats but introducing low frequencies to keep it full. Was nice. The reverb on the snare is pretty wicked and I like the use of cello sweeps, sounds like a cello noise to me, that are panned away from the focus.

A definite 5/5 on atmosphere and creating depth.

I think if you had a longer phase sequence or some more interesting filtering on the gating effect later in the song it would sound a lot more dynamic.

Also for the ending I think if you let it draw out longer instead of immediately cutting off you could have a lot more of an eerie lingering feeling that feels more resolved since there was so much noise splashed everywhere. Probably just let the low resonating note just play itself out.

johnfn responds:

YES. FINALLY the 10/10.

this review is filled with a lot of great ideas. the thing about a longer phrase is good, i have this problem where i tend to get locked into an early idea and have trouble thinking of new ones afterwards.

also the ending is kinda funny because i accidentally forgot to lift the footpedal in one of the patterns and so you're hearing the leftover resonance from some older notes. i didn't realize this until i submitted to soundcloud and noticed that the waveform looked weird lol.

i'll be thinking about all this stuff when i write my next song. thanks for the review!

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