Rose (viewtifulday Remix)

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Made this for the NG AP 10th Anniversary contest!

Hope you like the remix. That ridiculous synth riff took me forever to replicate from scratch.

The original is by cornandbeans, or Space Laces, as he's now called. Simply amazing musician--check out his stuff if you haven't already!


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I Came. That is all.

Seriously Awesome work, and that riff...I can tell that was hard work to do!

Another 5 Stars earned.

P.S. I don't really need to say it but just in case, this isn't a Contest Review.

viewtifulday responds:

Hahaha I had to slow down the original to half speed to recreate the riff...it was pretty time-consuming

LUV the remix!

viewtifulday responds:

Thanks :)

Not too bad, but I don't hear anything that really sets this apart from the original. The instruments are different, the drum track is a little different, but essentially there's little personal touch. Would have liked to have heard you get a little more creative.

viewtifulday responds:

But did it sound good? I think that should be the main thing



When I saw that Rose was being remixed, I instantly thought HOW THE HELL WILL HE BE ABLE TO REMIX THAT MELODY. But you did. You sure did. D:

Absolutely brilliant intro. What an excellent piano-like intro synth right there. Not only did it set the mood but it sounds great and works well with everything else, especially the strings at 0:32. The strings themselves actually sound wonderfully warm and fitting, and I like that you used them as a sort of tribute to the original, since I think that one of Rose's trademarks is that it has strings in it along with all of the electronic techno synths. The sounds in general are awesome and apart from that you've got solid production! This is well-rounded and clear, while still retaining a satisfying punch and rumble from the kick and bass.

To be honest, my only problem is that, like I've said to some other submissions in this contest, this does not go to any new grounds from the original whatsoever. I do like some things you've done here, like the ending synth, the different-sounding intro, etc, but this is unfortunately a bit standard and 'safe' compared to what you could've done with this track. While I certainly commend you on being so meticulous with this track and making sure you replicate the synth riffs well and whatnot, that's not what you need to do for me to call this a creative and innovative cover of the original.

Honestly though, I still have to credit you for the production, sounds and remaking that CRAZY synth riff.


SCORE: 7.5/10

viewtifulday responds:

I'm glad you appreciate the production, even if, like the other judges, you were disappointed I didn't take Rose in a completely different direction from the original.
I feel kind of let down that I was expected, rather than encouraged, to make huge changes from cornandbeans's version, but that's just me


The Good:
-Very clear theme, with some interesting effects in there.
-Nice switching between the "legato" and "staccato" notes at 0:53. I really liked that.
-That intro is niiiiiiice. ^___^

The Not-So-Good:
-Bit of an issue with the cymbal, whether reversed or normal.
-Sometimes the cool effects cause a problem, most notably when it transitions at 0:44 and 1:06.
-The strings are pretty much thrown away when you have the main themes going on. Same goes for the high hat.
-There's not a ton of originality except in formatting and effects. Other than that it's mostly the same song only in a slightly different order. It would have been nice if you added more of your own ideas in.

Overall: Score of 7/10. Main problems are the wonky transitions (even with the cool effects) and the lack of original ideas added.

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4.37 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2013
2:44 AM EDT
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